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Otto Wessland

Duke Otto Wessland (a.k.a. The Hunter)

"Your grace, might i brief you on some financial matters?" The treasurer bowed obsequiously before the Duke, who had their back turned as they were dressed by a servant. "My good man the Midwinter feast will be held tomorrow and we have no venison with which to feed our guests. Would you have me inform them i was too busy to provide them with decent food and so they must satiate themselves on bread and water?" The Duke didnt even turn to face the elderly treasurer as a servant adorned the duke in a hunting jacket. "Of course not your grace. I shall consult with the chancellor on these matters." He had known the duke would refuse but he still hoped he may be able to garner some semblance of responsibility from him. "There's a good man." the duke turned now fully dressed and faced the treasurer. "I'm sure you and the chancellor will resolve whatever difficulties you have." And the duke brushed past and out of the door.   Otto Wessland is the current head of the Wessland family and is the Duke of Rezat. His current residence is the Harpersteel. He is the richest Duke in the Kingdom of Beveran and likes to use his wealth to throw lavish parties and grand hunts which the other nobles of Beveran are invited too so that he can show off his wealth.

Current Location
Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Beveran
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