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Konrad Modrak

King Konrad Modrak (a.k.a. The Good)

"Seth, be a good lad and inform the cook that ill be helping distribute yesterdays left overs." The King of Wendia rose from his breakfast cleaning his hands on a towel. Seth bowed and left for the kitchen. "Your majesty surely your servants are capable of giving food to beggars on their own" said Baron Pazon. "Of course dear Pazon, but i find the beggars are uplifted when their king takes an interest in them. And as King i feel it my duty to uplift my subjects. Don't you?". Pazon smiled and looked in to his lap. "Of course your majesty, we should all strive to emulate your kindness." The King descended slowly from the high table, leaning on a stout walking stick, and approached Seth. "Could you be a dear and fetch some blankets? Winters setting in and i should hate for them to feel the bite of the cold." "As you will, your majesty."   The old king of Wendia. Konrad passed without any clear heir and this sparked the war of Wendish succession wish saw Wendia partitioned and the kingdom dismantled. Many of the people within former Wendish lands look back fondly at the reign of King Konrad and seek his missing heir to restore the Wendish throne.

Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Wendia

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