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High Dwarf

High Dwarves live in the halls and caverns closest to the surface in dwarf holds. They spend more time above ground than other dwarves and make up the bulk of dwarves seen by humans. They have a more tanned complexion compared to other dwarves due to their exposure to daylight. They are also more cosmopolitan than their other dwarves but are still reclusive by human standards.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Falfa, Felda, Andacka, Wenda, Krata, Vata, Zata

Masculine names

Falf, Feld, Andack, Gorm, Krat, Lorm, Wend

Unisex names

Trell, Forl, Yord, Borl

Family names

Dwarves use clan names which are usually named after a great deed or item of great importance. Therefore their are no common family names.


Major language groups and dialects

High Dwarves usually speak Uzuk but will speak Kazak when in official meetings and when lending gravitas to their situation.

Culture and cultural heritage

High dwarves have a tradition of drinking, feasting and fighting. Great feasts are often accompanied by boughts of combat which is conducted in fair play with wooden weapons to prevent deaths. Drinking is also a large component of high dwarven culture with famous brewers accruing great fame and fortune.

Shared customary codes and values

Whilst High Dwarves are still very traditionalist but they are more cosmopolitan than Deep Dwarves. They allow gnomes and halflings into their guilds and may even allow them to be clan kin but not full members of their clans. As a dwarf if you are cast from you clan it is still a grave dishonour and is just as devastating as for Deep Dwarves.

Common Etiquette rules

High Dwarves are a very sociable lot when amongst their kin. An embrace is a common greeting amongst dwarves of the same clan whilst clasping forearms is the norm for dwarves of a different clan. They are still reserved however, when greeting other races.

Common Dress code

High dwarves adopt more utilitarian dress with dwarves wearing what they require for their profession. there are formal robes worn for special occasions which resemble the robes commonly worn by deep dwarves however these robes are of any colour available instead of grey. This reflects the more cosmopolitan attitude of the high dwarves.

Art & Architecture

High dwarves have a similar style to their deep dwarf cousins however they carve their architecture with beautiful scenes and stories from dwarven history. They are also partial to tapestries however these tend to be more fanciful depictions with serious history reserved for stone.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

High dwarves practice the tradition of embracing close friends in to their clans as Clan Kin. These individuals are considered part of the clan but they are not considered in clan meetings. Individuals who are granted Clan Kinship are under the protection of the clan and are welcome in that clans dwellings. It is a great honour to be considered clan kin of a dwarven clan. At present the majority of clan kin in Kazak Dran are gnomes and halflings who have formed special friendships with the dwarves through diligent service.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

High dwarf babies are received with a feast and are celebrated amongst the clan. The clan is expected to help the parents raise the child and take a far more active role in the child's parenting than is common for a humans extended family.

Coming of Age Rites

When a high dwarf comes of age at 60, they are expected to choose a profession which they would have been learning from the age of 15. The clan will then acquire the materials and equipment needed for the dwarf to peruse this profession. This can often involve buttering up a particularly skilled dwarf of the same profession so that the young dwarf can enter their service.

Funerary and Memorial customs

High dwarves are entombed in the catacombs of their clan. These are typically huge places with many hundreds of generations of dwarves buried there.

Languages spoken
Significant presence in

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