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Smoke billowed from the forges and smelters of Harpersteel. A choking cloud that swept over the city and kept everyone indoors despite it being the middle of the day. The thick soot that coated the streets turned to black slush in the gentle rain. If you slipped, you'd come up looking like a shadow from a ghost storey. Aran wrapped himself more tightly in his cloak and covered his mouth with his hand as he made his way down the cobbled street toward the tavern."   Harpersteel is a city on the east coast of Beveran. It profits from the trade leaving Sabrebridge and exports a large quantity of steel and iron. It is ruled by Otto Wessland who is the Duke of Rezat, the capital of which is Harpersteel.


The people of Harpersteel are well off with the majority of the population being employed in iron refinement and smith work which typically pays better than more menial labour. The majority of miners live outside of the city limits closer to the iron mines where they work.


The city has a perimeter wall that encompasses the older parts of the city and a fortified keep with its own wall.


The city produces great quantities of iron and steel as well as refined goods of those types. It exports these across the world thanks to its coastal position.


The main streets of Harpersteel are paved thanks to its higher than average wealth, however the side streets and those outside the old city wall are made of dirt.

Inhabitant Demonym
Otto Wessland
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Beveran
Characters in Location

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