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Dwarf Steel

Dwarf Steel is considered superior to most human made steel. This is generally known to be because of the dwarves superior refinement process and quality forges. This makes Dwarf Steel highly valued outside of dwarven circles although it is not commonly seen.


Physical Characteristics

Dwarf Steel is identical by eye to regular human steel however Dwarf Steel ingots will be stamped with the seal of the smith who smelted them.


Dwarf Steel is slightly harder, more flexible and less brittle than human steel making it highly sought after for quality pieces of armour and weapons.

Geology & Geography

Dwarf Steel can be made from any source of common iron

History & Usage

Everyday use

Whilst common inside dwarf holds it is rarely seen outside of them.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Dwarves use dwarf steel all of the time for any and all purposes requiring metal.

Industrial Use

Industrially dwarves are known to have made many large and fantastic creations from dwarf steel. Most notably the gates of Kazak Dran are made of 5 feet thick dwarf steel.


Any common iron can be made in to dwarf steel but it requires the expertise of a dwarven smith and the use of a dwarven smeltry.

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