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Duchy of Pholan

"Your majesty, the people of Pholan will not allow a foreign army within their land." Lord Wellron exclaimed. "We must be content with the land we have taken thus far, to push further could jeopardise what we already have." "I think you overestimate these peasants Wellron." Lord Gidren sneered. "My lords, please, may we have some decorum" said Lord Follbrin as Wellron bristled. "We will maintain our position. If the Beverans attempt to take Pholan we will let them get slaughtered and will move in afterword. We have no need to take action at this moment." The words of Lord Follbrin left the command tent silent. Gidren settled with a look of disgust whilst Wellron lent back with a contemptuous smile directed at Gidren. If i can keep these two from turning on each other we might come out of this war with something worthwhile thought Follbrin as he rolled up his map.   The duchy of Pholan lies on the western continent on the isthmus between north and south. It was part of the now fallen kingdom of Wendia but now stands as an independent nation after the war of Wendish succession. It is a relatively poor place but with a fierce population that wont tolerate infringements on its territory.


The military of the duchy consists of the Dukes personal retinue which are kept on standby at all times for his personal protection and needs. In times of war the Milicia are raised. They are the citizens of the duchy called to arms by the Duke. They bring whatever arms and armour they can afford and are poorly organised.

Technological Level

The Duchy is behind their eastern counterparts as the technology of the dwarves has little impact on the western continent.

Agriculture & Industry

The hills that dominate the area of the Duchy posses poor soil for growing crops and are therefore used predominantly for arable farming. Sheep and cows are the favoured animals of the Pholen whilst the Duchy also has a strong fishing industry to supplement food supplies. The Duchy exports fish locally and wool further afield. Leather goods make up a small portion of exports along with some furs.

Trade & Transport

The Duchy benefits from the north road which passes along the east coast of the Duchy. Trade goods from north and south travel along this road and are frequently traded in the Duchy's few towns. Trade goods are however usually sold at a premium as the Duchy is not the end destination of caravans passing through and so the population is far from wealthy.


Aside from the north road there are no officially maintained roads in the Duchy with dirt roads connecting the towns and villages together. These roads become difficult to traverse when winter settles in as they become clogged with mud and are frequently not visible with even a light covering of snow.

Geopolitical, Duchy
Head of State
Casamir Diazolo
Head of Government
Casamir Diazolo
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Wool is the primary export of the Duchy with leather goods and furs making a smaller portion of exports. Fish is also exported locally.
Major Imports
The Duchy imports much of its iron and lumber being devoid of good veins of ore and any large forests. Luxury goods make up a small portion with wealthier nobles often seeking quality items from abroad.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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