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Cult of Brimir

The Cult of Brimir is the official religion of the Dwarves. Brimir is also known as the "Forge Master" and the dwarves believe he made the earth and all the dwarves at the begging of time. The Cult as it is commonly refereed too is well respected by the dwarves but plays a small role in dwarven culture as most clans will have their own shrines where they will worship. The Cult therefore acts as a advisory body for rulers of dwarf holds without any official power. Consequently the Cult is mostly reserved for ceremonial occasions such as grand feasts and formal visits.


The Cult is a loose organisation with a Priest present in most dwarf holds. This priest will convene occasionally with other priests to ensure cohesive action is taking place but little else will be done. Each priest will have a number of monks with them who will serve the priest and the shrine.

Public Agenda

As far as a public agenda goes the Cult is a passive organisation which will do the bidding of the hold king who is immediately within the vicinity of the priest in question. The cult as a whole does not have a distinct set of objectives which they wish to pursue.

Divine Origins

The Cult origins are forgotten to history. They grew organically as hold kings took certain individuals as spiritual advisers. These advisers would build a shrine or temple and would gather some few followers and eventually these separated temples formed a loose connection which became the cult of Brimir.

Tenets of Faith

The Cult of Brimir believe that dwarves should strive to be loyal unto their clan and should be honourable and just int their conduct. Aside from this the precise teachings of the faith are nebulous and not well defined.


Brimir expects little from his followers. The dust of a crushed gemstone placed in a shrine to Brimir on the winter equinox is enough to satisfy his needs for devotion.


Each dwarf hold will have a number of monks which will work at the temple or shrine of brimir. These monks will choose from amongst them the next priest when the old priest dies.

Granted Divine Powers

Brimir does not grant his power to those who worship him. He grants it to those whom he thinks he may use as his instruments. Consequently it is rare for a member of the cult to have any special gifts from Brimir however when Brimir does give his gifts to a dwarf then these dwarves are well received in temples of the Cult.

Religious, Organised Religion
Parent Organization
The Moot
Permeated Organizations
Kazak Dran
Related Ethnicities

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