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Clan Kinship

When a dwarf makes a close friend they may grant them clan kinship. This imparts upon the dwarves friend the protection of the clan and welcome within the clans holdings. They are not full members of the clan but it is still considered a great honour.


Clan kinships began with gnome masons joining dwarven holds. These gnomes would provide their excellent masonry skills to the dwarves and the dwarves in response would allow them the protection of the clan and so began the tradition of clan kinship.


The dwarf who wishes to grant clan kinship must take the individual to the clan elder where they will vouch for the honour of the individual they wish to grant clan kinship to. The elder will then demand an oath of servitude to the clan and upon acceptance the individual will be granted clan kinship. The individual may then ask the clan elder to accept their close family members who will be expected to also to make the oath.


Individuals with clan kinship are permitted hospitality at the clans dwellings and are given the protection of the clan. If an individual with clan kinships is hurt or killed then the injury is treated as though it were against a full member of the clan.

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