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Blasting Rune

Blasting Runes are powerful and volatile runes used by brave dwarves in combat and mining. Enchanted with runes of force they are used to violently damage whatever around it. In mining this is used to clear cave ins and for blasting away particularly stubborn rock. In combat they are used against dense formations of infantry to cause disruption and injury to their formations.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A blasting rune once enchanted will be inert until a command word or phrase is spoken which will make the rune begin to buzz angrily. Once in this state a rune cannot be made inert again and any significant force applied to the rune will cause it to detonate. They can be thrown comfortably but an impact from falling two feet would be enough to cause the rune to detonate.

Item type
Subtype / Model
Rune Stone
Rune Smith's Guild
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Rune Smith's Guild
Whilst not common this is because they are a specialist item. They can be found at any mining emporium in a hold.
7 ounces
Base Price
15 gold
Raw materials & Components
Blasting runes are made from granite and other dense rocks.
Blasting runes require a rune anvil to be made

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