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Blasting Powder

Blasting Powder is what you gain from grinding a blasting rune down to a coarse sand. The powder retains some of the properties of the blasting rune but in a much weaker state. If the blasting rune was enchanted so that fire would activate it then blasting powder can be ignited with fire. If it was enchanted to be activated with a word then the powder will not function. Industrious, and perhaps somewhat mad, dwarves used blasting powder by placing it in a steel tube and lighting one end while a ball of steel sat in one end. this process causes the steel ball to fly out of the end of the tube at great speed inflicting great damage to whatever it hits. This design became known as a "cannon" and where employed in the defence of some holds. Attempts to make this powder work in smaller barrels which could be held in the hand where unsuccessful as the amount of powder needed was impractical.

Manufacturing process

The runes are ground in to a coarse powder in a quern stone and then collected.

Item type
Subtype / Model
Rune Stone
Rune Smith's Guild
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Rune Smith's Guild
Whilst not difficult to make not many dwarves are engaged in this trade making it rare.
1 ounce per cubic inch
Base Price
20 gold per ounce
Raw materials & Components
Blasting runes.
An industrial quern stone

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