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Placeholder is an old world with many races. The humans dominate the world with their folk stretched far and wide in to every corner of the world whilst the other races strive for a place of recognition and respect. The dwarves lords of the Ironback mountains struggle against the greenskin hordes to hold their homeland whilst the elven kings battle with the wyrms from the mysterious dragon islands and the human rulers squabble over kingdoms and duchies old and dead. Amidst all of this chaos adventure and renown can be won. Fight for the dwarves against the greenskin menace and restore the lost dwarven holds. Help the elves in their struggle to hold back the dragons and find what mysterious loot may be on the fabled dragon islands. Or align yourself with one of the kingdoms of men and assist them in defeating their enemies and establishing a true human empire that may last the test of time. Adventures abound in PLACEHOLDER and it is up to you to choose what you will seek in this land of old and new.