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Weaves Board Game

Weaves is a magical board game, utilizing enchanted crystals and wooden sigil board, that was developed by the Elves to help their children learn and master spell casting fundamentals.   The game is played by rolling a collection of dice, drawing the relevant cards from the stack that are indicated by the dice, and putting the various crystals that are indicated on the cards in the center of the wooden sigil board. Then the current player begins ‘feeling out’ the spell that the crystals are trying to get the individual to ask.   Each attempt to activate the cluster of crystals gives the player a bit more information. Eventually, they will get enough information to be able to guess a spell that would be able to activate all of the crystals simultaneously and ‘Weave” the correct spell to do so. Regardless of the combination of crystals that are used, there is a spell that will activate the crystals on the sigil that even a novice can cast. In fact, the vast majority of the spells that are preferred to be used for the game are introductory spells anyway.   Points are award according to the number of crystals that the player are able to activate, and how many attempts it took to get all of them to activate them if they continued to do so until they finally got the correct combination. More points are awarded for getting the spell correct with the least amount of attempts.   Though the game was designed for young children to develop their magical abilities, but even adults like to play it as a form of party game. Especially when they are drunk and have to look up entry level spells to get the answer instead of using something more common that will overload the crystals or cause other collateral damage.

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