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Star Fallen

Star Fallen are the mythological tyrants that cause mass destruction and death upon any who draw their attention and ire. They are beasts, sent to the world by the Stars, in order to cause as much pain, misery, and death as they possibly can. For no other purpose than the whim of the stars themselves.   Or, that is how the tribes of man view them at least.   In order to understand the myth of the Star Fallen, you must first acknowledge the long held beliefs of the tribes of man. And fully comprehend the fickle nature of their creator: Legion.   Of all of the tribes of man, and their various differences, they have more than a few similarities. And their superstitious nature is chief among these commonalities. Given that their own myths say their creature is an amalgamation of competing entities, beings of demigod level that once traveled the stars in solitude, it could be understood on why they stare at the skies at night with such suspicion.   And in a few catastrophic events featuring unfortunately placed cities in the path of falling meteors, and it becomes even clearer on why they not only don’t trust the stars, but fear them out right.   The stars are seen by the tribes of man as fickle entities that act more on their own impulses than anything. To attract their attention is to invite malice and harm into your home and upon your head. And on the heads of those around you.   Enter the Star Fallen.   Beasts of great and terrible power sent to the surface of the world for one purpose or another. Their exact form is as variable as the reasons they are sent there. After all, @Legion never quite looks the same between depictions of them either. Some cases Star Fallen are massive muscular hound like creatures with extra tendrils coming from their sides to maximize their destructive capabilities. Some cases they come in the appearance of someone who you have grieved. Or that has grieved you. And they look quite familiar. The difference lies in their destructive capabilities and their neigh invincible bodies.   Many a man has claimed to have been visited by Star Fallen that had taken the shape of a crossed lover, and proceeded to rampage through their home or village.   Others take on the shapes of more common threats. Dragons. Hydras. Sea Serpents. But, like the previous versions, they are all far stronger than they should be, powered by the malice of the stars themselves.   And then, during the modern ear, during the Achano-Tech revolution of the allied races, there were even rumors of the Star Fallen taking on the shape of the humans’ adversaries. Elves. Dwarves. Even Avistians. But ones that simply sneered at getting shot, and could tear through the ranks of human soldiers with little effort on its part.   The most famous, and most recent, recounting of a tale involving a Star Fallen, a creature sent by the stars to wreak havoc, was the tale of the Green Winged Golden Death Star Demon, Star Spawn, Golden Death.   The absolute destruction that had been wrought at the outpost was such that, the only possible solution the tribes of man could come up with was that it had to of been a Star Fallen, sent from above to punish someone at the base for some unknown wrong. And, given that the entire population of the base had met their end, it obviously succeeded in its goals before disappearing. The devastation was so complete and terrifying, that parents to this day use it as an example of a cautionary tale to keep their children on the right track in life.   Because no one wants to draw the attention of the stars and their Star Fallen pets. Least of all the Green Winged Golden Death.

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