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Star Demon, Star Spawn, Golden Death

“Children, remember yourself and your place in the world. Be kind. Be good. And do no evil. For the spawn of the stars is still out there, and forever watching. Hungry. Hungry for wickedness. If you do wrong, one day you will turn around, and they will be there. You will see their golden body, encrusted with many gems. Gems holding the souls of those it has already consumed. And you will behold its wings of crystalline green… both great and terrible in their beauty… and then you will die, little ones. It will devour you, and you will become another gem to adorn its body with. So be good. And do not seek to sate its hunger with your own soul. For it does not like the flavor of good children…”
  The story originated during the war of the Last Days. Where an entity somehow got into a military outpost, and proceeded to lay waste to it and its occupants. From everything that could be figured out, the fighting actually started underground, and exploded out from there. The being rampaged through the outpost, killing all of the personnel in rapid succession. The communications officers managed to get a single warning out before they too were killed, but they weren’t able to give much information before they met their end. By time reinforcements arrived, it was already over. It was a complete massacre. Everyone was dead, and everything was destroyed. The beast, through cleverness or simple dumb luck with its wanton destruction, managed to completely destroy the surveillance systems as well before leaving. No one saw it arrive. And no one saw it leave.   The ones that had been killed, had been killed with a variety of weaponry, most of their own. The creature, being, or whatever it was, picked up their weapons and used them against them. SO it was intelligent enough for that. But it was also apparently tough enough to have entire walls of fire directed at it, but not bleed a single drop. There was no sign of anyone being able to injure it at all. In some instances individuals had entire limbs hewed off with some unknown implement. Others it looked like they were simply stepped on. By something exceedingly heavy. Still others were, quite literally, ripped apart as the chosen method of demise.   They had come quickly, expecting an enemy attack, the would-be rescuers didn’t expect the horrors that they were going to face. And all were in need of help to manage and process what they experienced just walking through the installation in the aftermath of the attack. Thus, despite orders, word spread among the tribe quickly of some golden green winged monster on the loose.


The unifying central story is that, during the war, an outpost was destroyed by a creature that apparently couldn’t be destroyed or damaged by and weapon they possessed. The only description that was messaged out was during a plea for help from the last few survivors of the attack, before they too were killed. They described it as a gold and crystal green winged demon from the stars. Universally it’s agreed on that there were no survivors, and some of the soldiers on post were ripped apart while still alive. The creature managed to cause enough damage to the installation that there were nothing recoverable to figure out what had happened. But the damage inflicted to both flesh and equipment was like nothing of this world.

Historical Basis

Based on an actual event where a single entity destroyed an entire outpost, by itself, and killed every single individual on post. All while they tried to fight back, and, seemingly, had zero impact on their assailant. It was a complete massacre with soldiers bodies cut and torn to shreds. Many of them from what appear to be brute strength, as no signs of weaponry were used on them for the wounds inflicted. Some pieces of equipment, including solid steel reinforced doors, had been dented, bent, and destroyed with some kind of physical force that couldn’t be attributed to anything. Except, judging by some of the dents, strong blows from either fists or kicks.


It mostly stayed within the one tribe of humans, as it was one of their outposts that was destroyed by the creature. But, within that tribe, and out to close friends and comrades of members of that tribe, the warning of the star creature spread.

Variations & Mutation

There are different focuses and descriptions of the beast that attacked and wiped out an entire military outpost. In some renditions, it was a creature spawned from the stars itself, sent to punish them for their wicked ways. Other was that it was an Avistian that had flown too high and had been tainted by the stars, thus becoming their instrument of destruction. Others stated it was a creature of gold and gems, manifest by rampant greed.

Cultural Reception

On the largest scale, it had minimum impact, at first, as the government at the time did their best to hush and bury it. But, as time went on, the story spread and got slightly twisted. As they were already fearful of the world above, this just fed into that and fit well with their paranoia. It hit just the right chords at just the right time, and some actually started preparing for the end of days.

In Literature

Most of the official records of the incident that sparked the myth had been tightly sealed and kept away from the public. For morale reasons. Others that had heard about it, had begun to spread it in back channels to try and warn everyone else. But, as it had been getting passed from word of mouth mostly, this were changed each time. And, without any more incidents the story began being circulated as a lessen in morals. Kept alive in stories told to children on the kinds of things that lurk in the world that seek out wickedness.

In Art

Images have been drawn in scrolls depicting the monster rampaging and destroying entire outposts. Some of them are in still forms, showing the beast devouring soldiers, alive, all while other soldiers shoot at it and fight it with all of their might. All to no effect. Other’s show it biting the head off of a soldier, and pouring their blood out into it’s mouth, while sucking their souls out.
Date of First Recording
Middle of the “Last Days” war

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