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Sky Chariot

"Sky Chariot " Is the current generic term for achano-techology vehicles that can actually fly. The term has clung on from the not to distant past archaic usage of Sky Chariots. Avistians, being the heralds of the twin gods and protectors of the skies, were also used for less glamorous purposes. At least, according to most other races. Their ability to fly, despite their weight restrictions, allowed them to carry or pull along quite a bit of weight along with flight.   And as such, several would be harnessed to chariots and would use their combined abilities to fly, pulling a personnel transport cart behind them. Passengers and all. However, this was, for the longest time, limited to official royal business with the twin gods. For them, and in service to them, it was considered an honor for any Avistian to be chosen for such tasks. For anyone else, it was rather beneath them and they would prefer not.   During the Archano-tech revolution, vehicles were made that could vastly amplify the abilities of Avistians. From a functional side of things, they quickly grew to being able to have a single Avistian pilot the machine, that would mimic the Avistians own magic and become almost as agile as the pilot as a result. This made the tasks far more acceptable, and Avistians were routinely used for transporting goods and people long distances through the air. The skies started filling up with not just flying Avistians, but the vehicles they were piloting for the good of the kingdom.   During the war, they were instrumental as troop transports. Avistian pilots could zip into an area with their flying contraption, and drop off entire units of Elf and Dwarven ground troops before beginning to provide air support by spotting enemy positions and laying down devastating lines of fire from the air. Like many other aspects of life in the kingdom, when the war of the Last Days began raging, even simple transports were altered for the purpose. Simple merchandise transports were converted to troop and supply transports. Weapon systems, complete with Light based Spell Key weaponry and targeting systems, became common place in the air.
Sky Wagon, Air Cart, Vizzy Express, "Flying Accident Waiting to Hapen" [Dwarves]

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