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Gargoyles are a race of winged sapients that live primarily in cave structures and mountain regions. Though they had learned and grew to build their own cities. They never really enjoyed the same sort of city living the rest of the world seemed to. They preferred the wilds. The free sky. The freedom of coming and going as they pleased.   And, to make matters worse for them, they had a penchant for hostilities. They openly engaged in fighting with any who dared enter their territory without proper considerations. Their very blood seemed to ache for war. And, as such, they started hiring themselves out to other races to be a bit of muscle. And, during the Last Days war, they were heavily sought after. From both sides. They were a race that honored their word. And everyone knew it. So, while it was disheartening to see gargoyles flying the flags of opposing nations, it was entirely understood that the ones who had stood by you this entire time, would continue to do so. They wanted to fight. At their very core. And if that ment fighting their own kin, they would more than happily do so. If it was required or asked of them by those that had hired them. They didn’t do it for the money. They didn’t do it for the fame. For neither side would give them much spotlight for what they were doing. No. They did it because that was what they needed to do. That was what their hearts yearned for.   So they did what they had to. Not out of loyalty to one nation or another. Not for the ideals of one race over another. They fought, for the sake of fighting. And as such, ended up dying in droves. For all sides. But, really, they did it for themselves above all else.

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