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Archano-Tech Revolution

What became known as the Archano-Tech Revolution was a joint effort that spurred the various alliance races into rapid technological advancement. It was a combination of efforts from the Dwarven races and the Elven races that combined their talents into new and wondrous advances. Suddenly, thanks to their effort, everyone had access to magic. And it spawned an era of reaching further as they did their best to figure out what was their true limits, and how far could this new development take them.


Was originally made to settle an argument about whose methods were better: Dwarves or Elves. Quickly became wide spread as the base matrix involved was able to handle spells to perform nearly any task imaginable.


The Spell Keys, as a whole, had to be put together with the aid of a magic rich race. Namely, the Elves in the alliance. Many materials were able to be combined to create Spell Keys and contains the spells within. Notably various crystals and crystalline formations were found to be the better material. With precious gems now becoming even more precious as they could be used for the technology. Though, the absolute best, for both Spell Key creation, and powering them, were stones known as soul gems. They looked like any regular gem, but they were naturally flawless. Without a single blemish within their structure. They were also far more durable than their normal gem counterparts. And, more importantly, they had a power capacity that was many fold higher than normal gems of the exact same type. Unlike normal gem stones, that could be found with following certain geological formations and clues, soul gems seemed to appear randomly. Sometimes they were in clusters together, sometimes all different kinds embedded in a single rock. Other times they were solitary and scattered about. Finding them was more a matter of luck than any amount of science that any were able to nail down. But it was still a highly sought after resource, despite its random availability.
The creators of the items were not so much an individual’s work, but a collaboration between both the Elven races and those of the Dwarves.
Access & Availability
From its very inception, it spread like an epidemic. It didn’t take long for others to see the possibilities, and do everything they could to spread its use, but availability. Entire companies sprung up around them and others found different niches. By the time the war came to an end, the various races had become so dependent on the technology that they were willing to go to war rather than lose it. Rather die than going back to the old ways.
Complexity of the Archano Technology ranges from rudimentary, with a single Spell Key being used for a single purpose, such as a fire Spell Key being used for heating water, to massively complex with many Spell Keys being used to create and maintain spell matrix that allows automatons to hear, understand, and follow, verbal commands or written instructions.
In an effort to create more unity among the alliance races, the god twins encouraged more cooperation between the races. Encouraging them to work together for the common good of them all. This was a particular problem between the elves and the dwarves. Elves, blessed with an abundance of magic at their disposal, were used to doing pretty much everything with their magic. So much so that if they accidentally dropped something, they wouldn’t even bother bending over to pick it up, they’d simply levitate it back to their hand. That is assuming they didn’t simply use their magic to manipulate the item while they did other things, or simply sat off and watched from the side. Conversely, the Dwarves, built with the hardiness of the land itself, relied entirely on their own muscle grit to get work done. The only magic they had been blessed with, was a stoutness not found among the other races. Raw strength and endurance to carry on the manual labor they were so well known for.   During the discussions, that were more arguments than anything, with the Dwarves trying to get the Elves to take matters into their own hands much more, and stop relying on magic so much, and the Elves countering with the Dwarves needed to work smarter, not harder, they started understanding each other better. It was true, Dwarven craftsmen were far superior to even that of the elves. This was mainly because the elves relied on their magic so much. In an attempt to make the Dwarves see the Elves side, they started enchanting the Dwarves equipment. Which did indeed increase their effectiveness. But it was short lived as the spells always worse off quickly, causing it to be recast. This spurred them on to find ways to make the spells last longer. And, with the Dwarves involved, they delved into trying out various materials and combinations to see if they could harness and contain the magics the elves were producing. And thus, the first Spell Keys were created.   Excitement over the breakthrough set waves throughout the community, as many, on both sides, lent their skills, talents, and magics to the cause. One prototype after another was built, tested, and improved upon. Using some of the Dwarvens technology that they had already been tinkering with, involving steam powered equipment, they found they could harness that power as well for magical purposes.   With in a single Generation, laborers saw the rise of powered equipment, and, eventually, a variety of automatons. Automotons that started off as little more than magically enhanced equipment that repeated the same task over and over, began being able to not only follow complex commands, but come up with solutions to problems they were presented with. Dwarves, young miners who delved into the ground for the metals for their craft, suddenly found themselves no longer needing to put themselves in such peril. And smiths, once having to beat the metal into submission with years and years of trained skill, now watched as machines did the same sort of work in minutes compared to the hours it took previously. Not all appreciated the change, as they saw their livelihoods disappear, but most embraced it, and simply altered their vocation to fall in line with the brave new world of Achano-Technology   Through their combined efforts, the elves were able to make magic accessible to other races. Through enchanted equipment. Equipment that was able to be improved upon by other races. No longer was it bound to simply the Elves domain and no one elses. Now even a dwarf, or avistian, could work with the core of the equipment and make modifications using various tools. Magic was still required to create the initial Spell keys, but after that they could be passed off to other races.   And advantage that the Elves saw repaid to them in immeasurable quantities was that they didn’t have to worry about spell burn out as much. It was an incredibly uncomfortable feeling to not have any magical energy left, and, if completely depleted, it took a while to regenerate enough to do even the simplest of tasks. With archano-technology they could have their daily needs met without any further magical input required from them, allowing them to do more intensive research and advancement without worrying about no longer being able to cook diner that night.

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