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Pirate Republic

1721 A.D.

Created by

Pirate Hunter: Duty Bound & Dead Man's Game

  Pinterest Board   People make history. History shapes nations. Nations create people.   And where there are people, there are the good and the terrible. Civilization brings to light these things, and governments can give condemnation or praise.   The current year is 1721 AD, in the year of Our Lord. Wars are being fought over land and sea, the pirate Blackbeard has been slain three years before by Robert Maynard, and the slave trade continues at a relentless pace as colonies spring up on nearly every Island in the Carribean. The South Sea Bubble in England has just popped, leaving thousands in financial distress. Pirates haunt the seas like blood-hungry specters.   Welcome to the Golden Age of the Pirate Republic.  

Author's Note

As a rule, most of the articles and items here are truly historical in content to the best of my knowledge. The exceptions being a chosen few characters, organizations, and vessels. This page holds all the information about the Historical Fiction novel I am currently working on, so there will be creative liberties made. I try to make the world as realistic as possible, but that may not always be the case. Thanks for dropping by!