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Kandrakar is an island in Central Òmìrán. It is home to the Ahsyn and the Drakki people, an ethnic group akin to the Gharnean.

In Drakki, Kandrakar means “the Land of the Moon Dragon”, which refers to the snake-shaped mountain that looms over the city-state.


According to the Teais, the first traces of human settlement in Kandrakar date back to the 3rd century. This coincides with a time when the Myziphon linked Rhaksar to the South by an ice cap. Because they thought they would find Odione reserves in the subsoils of Kandrakar, the Kingdom of Gharne led many expeditions and established a military base from the year 1032 onwards.

Before landing, the Gharnean units assumed that the territory was uninhabited because of its extreme cold. However, they came across native tribes that were unlike any other Rhaksari. They were taller, paler, with scales from neck to ankles, and referred to themselves as the Ahsyn people. To everyone's surprise, their language bore similarities to Old Gharnean, which raised questions among the expedition members on site. They had adapted to extreme colds, living from hunting and fishing, and worshipping other gods.

It is amazing how they adapted to such a harsh climate. I wonder if these scales have helped them to survive, or if their uncanny wizardry has something to do with it.
— A Gharnean anthropologist

The culture shock, however, hindered any friendly relations, as reported by the Expedition Quest & Harvest

The Odione War (1063 – 1066)

Rumors of Odione deposits enticed more nations to Kandrakar, leading to a rush for Purple Gold and tensions within the parties involved. In 1063, Pereyiv and Gharne fought over the ownership of mines, causing the breaking of the Rhaksari nations' Non-Aggression Pact. Six months later, The Oracle revealed that privateers hired by the Adhikaara were hijacking ships. This case brought the ruling family into disrepute, and they faced criticism from both the foreign press and their fellow citizens. As for the Ahsyn, they either ended up as collateral damage, sold as slaves to Rhaksar or, if fortunate, migrated further south.

Founding of Kandrakar

The founding of the Kandrakar conflicted with many interests. Indeed, it implied an aspiration for autonomy denied by other Rhaksari Nations. This also opposed the Ahsyn who advocated for an neutral Kandrakar versus the Drakki, who sought to join the global political scene. The plan to establish an autonomous Kandrakar was initiated by Ghasodan, a prominent figure in local history. He entrusted the Snowy Peaks to the Ahsyn, and fought in favor of a strong state that could resist the predation of Rhaksar.

Founding Date
Mid 12th century
Geopolitical, City-state
Alternative Names
“Land of the Moon Dragon”
Drakki, Ahsyn
Government System
Power Structure
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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