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Blood Arcanum

Beware of those who fear no gods, for they dig the deepest graves.
— A priestess preaching about Hemomancers.

The Blood Arcanum, or Hemomancy, is the art of wielding blood. Its practitioners are known as Blood Arcanists or Hemomancers, but many call them Leechmen because of the sinister events that surround them.

Whoever bathes in the albumen of an unborn Dragon acquires the Blood Arcanum, which is the rarest magical skill in Òmìrán.


Hemomancers are Arcanists who can control and draw blood from any body. They benefit from faster recovery, exceptional physical strength, and the most skilled can extend their lives up to 150 years longer than the average. When committed to saving lives, they work wonders provided they have an in-depth knowledge of medicine.

Although they are outlaws maligned by the Pantheon, the nobility calls upon their expertise to rejuvenate or cure otherwise incurable diseases. In an effort to avoid the authorities, Hemomancers often run businesses as a front for their activities—such as art guilds, grocery stores, and speakeasies. This open secret inspired the saying “to go bleeding in a blind alley,” that is, having an affair or attending a no-go place.

If caught practicing, they face life sentence or death.

Had history not wiped out the Drakki, you’d see how evil arises from the hands of those who play gods.
— Prosecution’s closing speech at the Supreme Court


Hemomancers are no doubt the most resolute of Arcanists, given the challenge they face during their initiation. Yet, it only takes a bath in the albumen of a Dragon’s egg, a protein-rich substance with magical properties. In fact, much of the challenge lies in the scarcity of the required ingredients and the pain tolerance of the Arcanist.

A Needle in a Haystack

The hardest task in awakening to Hemomancy is to find a Dragon’s egg. Because of Òmìrán’s isolationist policy, aspiring Hemomancers compete for the last Dragon nests in the archipelago, whose population has dwindled over the centuries.

If I too were hired to get an egg, I’d never sell it for less than ዪ10 million.

Today, an Arcanist is more likely to stumble upon a treasure than a nest, as they are found in unsafe sites beyond the reach of the average person. The spawning spots are at the highest altitudes or within volcanic cavities, where the shortage of oxygen deters even the bravest adventurers.

Skinning Bath

The next part of the initiation is the Skinning Bath. Once the Dragon egg is at hand, one must crack the shell, but this step is as tricky as cutting a diamond. Indeed, the crack should not break the whole shell, but remove the crown layer, which will reseal the egg once the arcanist has entered it.


The downside of Hemomancy is that the amount of blood that can be drawn is finite, so most users avoid extracting it when unnecessary. Not only that, but they are unable to create blood from scratch and cannot control blood from two or more sources at a time.

Excessive use causes fainting, blood diseases (such as anemia), or deadly drying.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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