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My people owned all the things you covet. Oceans, lands, even the Sun; it was ours. But to have everything is a curse, for you have nothing left.
— Preaching of Shukrent in a Temple dedicated to The Four.

The Ahsyn are a sedentary race of bee-men who live on Gresara. They are known for their tall, svelte stature, their curved horns, and their ocelli eyes.

With about 500 individuals, they are an endangered ethnic group.


Ahsyn are taller and paler. Adults can reach up to 6′ 5 ft, outgrowing the average Rhaksari by two heads. They usually have a coarse, golden skin with pink, blue or purple undertones; older Ahsyns exhibit a greyer complexion.


Naming Traditions

Ahsyns have a matronymic prefix system of names. Most of them have a specific structure as follows:

  1. First name
  2. Aha (child of) prefix
  3. Mother's name

This can give the following names: Vevian Ehasunghant, Jinat Ahavevian, Shukrent Ahajinat, etc.

Ahsyns names are not permanent. In fact, they may change their name or take an older one for specific occasions. This applies to coming of age rites, to honors, or to slaves sold in Rhaksar. The latter involves naming an Ahsyn after the language of their master, which means that they disconnect from their ancestry.

Beauty Ideals

They believe that the longer the hair, the healthier the host. Both men and women therefore boast of having waterfall-like hair, which also provide an extra layer of protection against the cold.

Hairs are just like blood: to cut them is to die.
— An Ahsyn artist

Gender roles

Both men and women participate in outdoor activities (such as hunting, fishing) or maintenance. In extreme cold, skilled women are more likely to go outside because they tend to have a better survival tendency.

You won't talk to anyone but me. So, if you fear talking to women, then this land is not for you.
— An Ahsyn matriarch
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