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Princess Dianna vi Tempest

Diana is the Princess of the Kingdom, is a member and the current leader of The Twelve Royal Knights and is often known as the Celestial Princess. Despite her young age, she is known for being one of the best tacticians in the entire kingdom as well as th

Princess Diana lux Elpida (a.k.a. Celestial Princess)

Princess Dianna vi Tempest of the is a the current the holder of the secret treasure Rhongomyniad and leader of the Knight of the Round, despite her young age of 19, she is known for being one of the best tacticians in the entire kingdom as well as the most promising leader to ever graduate from the academy of squire at the age of 12.


  Diana is a strong-willed young woman who always speaks truthfully. She is courageous, determined, and set on protecting people. She constantly insists that she is a knight and protector above all and that her gender is of little importance to her and her role. She is resolute in following her own morals, regardless of more, the more viable, yet underhand, tactics being available. Diana prefers direct, fair confrontations based upon codes of chivalry and nothing can make her abandon her code of honour: loyal, independent, and reserved. However, Diana's greatest flaw is her wrath which can lead her to act predictably and has put her in danger repeatedly. Case and point, she was easily frustrated when she couldn't land a hit on Abaddon.
  As she was born and raised to be a knight in service of her country, she has no sense of self-worth past that, and can only feel fulfilled by serving other people. Diana is a supremely skilled warrior; she would be happier if she didn't have to fight at all. Throughout her rule, she was plagued by self-doubt about being a worthy ruler and eventually came to hate herself for not meeting the impossible standards she set for herself. She feels deep guilt over the eventual destruction of her kingdom, holding herself solely responsible and calling herself an inadequate ruler.


  Diana is a young woman of average height with finely textured golden hair, which seems as if it is sprinkled with gold-dust and frames the rest of her face perfectly with long primary bangs and shorter secondary and tertiary set while the rest cascades to the middle of her back, with the longest extending down to reach her nose. She often wears intricacy armour fitting of the knight with countless layers of steel fomenting together into a truly amazing rounded breastplate, which is fused to a golden spiral pattern gorget, alongside two sets of pauldrons and a crest on the front of the breastplate. The crest itself was that of a golden sword with two silvery wings on either side. Her arm was covered with two overlappings, a single plate making up the waist armour and two gauntlets also omit the feathery elbow guards. Moving down, she wore a golden skirt with silver stripes and accented with silver belted at the waist. on both knees, under which she wearing golden boots reaching up to her thighs. And finally, upon her right hip was this beautifully adorned blue and golden scabbard with runic symbols written on it. And on top of her head sits a Beautiful golden crown with a variable number of spikes protruding upwards and to the sides, alongside smaller numerous spikes, make it appears as though it was hit by an electric current.


Princess Dianna vi Tempest

Nemesis (Vital)

Towards Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind



Cole Pierce/Abaddon Drykwind

Nemesis (Important)

Towards Princess Dianna vi Tempest



Master Swordsmanship Specialist   Immense Magical Power   Magical Aura:   Magic   Lightning Style
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Celestial Princess, protector of the kingdom


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