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Mother of the Pearls; The Everlasting Arms of the Lord


The Wheel of Fate is Turning

  Renko, Attadrax, and Ryujin, after the whole ordeal at the bathhouse, the women whom you slept with rush you, and fall into your arms. Their warm body pressed up against yours feel especially heart warming on this cool crisp morning. They thank you for going through the trouble of saving their lives. Yuki, says to you Ryujin, “Oh Ryujin, I’m so glad that you didn’t antagonize Yubaba which could have caused her to do some stupid shit that maybe could have gotten us killed.” as she, and the other two give Marzluf the most disgusting and revolting fucking look that their pretty little faces could make, which, as prostitutes, is saying something. As a small token of their thanks, they reward you three with their earrings which were made of a precious stone called jade. It’s already considered a rare and precious gemstone in these lands, but imagine how much more valuable it would be if your brought it home, back west and sold it there. You could always keep it as a keepsake, a memento of sorts, to remind you of just one of the many lives you’ve saved just being here in the lands of Maharlika.   Feeling left out, Marzluf decided to take matters into his own hands. Literally. He sneakily looted the corpse of Lin, and found for himself a jade ring, which he stole and kept for himself.   Later, Yatsuha had just returned from informing Inumuta about your success. She takes a moment to catch her breath, then informs the party that Inumuta sends his regards, and tosses Renko the payment that was promised to your party. She turns to Kohaku and says, “Inumuta said that he and his troop would be able to keep the peace from now on that the underground organization is no longer a threat. In other words, he’s finally given us permission to fight in the front lines just like we’ve always wanted to.” Kohaku reverts back to his human form and sheathed his nodachi. He dons a grin, and raises a clenched fist, he nods his head in acknowledgement and improvement of what Yatsuha had just said. “Kohaku...Since your more of a front line fighter, perhaps it isn’t too late for you to help out in the siege of Ogimachi. According to Inumuta, the Eidolonian officer in charge there, captain Angel, is still bombarding the defenses. If you leave now, you can get there before they storm the city.”   Kohaku nods his head again in acknowledgement of Yatsuha. He then turns to you guys and does the "Zack Fair" thing and heads on out.   Yatsuha then turns to you Marzluff, and the rest of the party. “You guys really helped Kohaku and I with our mission. I don’t think the two of us could have brought an end to these oni demons, especially if our cover had been blown, so thank you for that...If you guys don’t mind, I’d like to accompany you guys. I’ve been waiting far too long to confront these rebels face to face, instead of in the shadows. You wouldn’t have to worry about me at all, I can look after myself, and I’m sure I’ve proven how useful I can be in battle. What do you say?”   The party accepted Yatsuha’s offer.   Because of your actions here today, the rebels will fail to acquire more mercenaries, and supplies for the war effort. Many men and women will get to go home and live to die another day. Enemies were captured, one escaped. What was owed, was paid, what was deserved, was rewarded, and new allies were made. You reap what you sow, both good and bad.  

A New Brother

  It was around this time Vyyssenyya and her detachment made it back to town. She was with two unfamiliar faces. One was a male Deva, who wore the blood red magenta of an Executioner of the Church, so he’s pretty self explanatory, but the say the least...He was a short man, with short black hair. His skin was pale, and deathly looking. He wore old decrepit armor that resembled flayed skin, or muscle, and his limbs were thin and sickly looking. He was in the center of Vyyssenyya’s detachment. He wasn’t bound, but he also wasn’t armed, while Vyyssenyya and the others remained on their guard. They were escorting the man into town.   Vyyssenyya and her troop walk right up to the stage of town square. Ramiel rings the town bells which prompted the people out and about to gather around and see what the commotion is all about.   After enough people have gathered around, Vyyssenyya starts to speak with the full authority of her position. Her voice bellowed, and all could understand her speech because of the supernal she spoke, granted by the Spiritus Sanctus Marae. “Cease all that you are doing, and harken to me! Save everything, but the thrumming of your heart. We, the emissaries of Holy Mother Church have returned from our investigation in regards to the undead threat at the cemetery of Ainokura. We have confirmed the existence of ghouls that did in fact attack the living. These ghouls at the cemetery of Ainokura were in fact raised by a necromancer by the name of Ghail, a lieutenant in the Black Plague. Ghail was slain in Saganuma village by our hands just a few days ago, and his corpse and army were burned in holy fire. However, these ghouls resisted their master’s will, and had resolved not to set upon the living. Displeased with his insubordinate minions, and before his demise at our hands, Ghail left behind these ghouls in hallowed ground. There, they were tested in a way none of us could even begin to fathom. Ghouls are undead, and as undead, they do not actually need to eat anything in order to survive, however they are still cursed with a very strong desire to consume living flesh. They were starved, but could could not die, and were forced by their instinct to feast upon the poor unfortunate that visited the cemetery, under the correct circumstances... We, the agents of Velka, have eliminated said ghouls, save for one. This one stands before you all with a tempered will, and a new resolve. As atonement for feasting upon the innocent, this man before you, Juuzou Suzuya has agreed to swear oaths to Velka, with all of us present as witness. Juuzou Suzuya on your knees. These oaths you are about to swear on are of the highest order of oaths ones can make before God. Knowing, wanting, and choosing to violate these oaths is a crime against all hierarchy of laws, and punishable by death and eternal damnation. Do you understand?”   “I do.” said the ghoul.   “Juuzou, Suzuya, do you swear to partake in this civil war on the side of the Maharlikan loyalists and the Eidolonian crown until you perish?   “I do.”   “Do you swear to join the Graveguard, and to follow their cause for as long as they are instated, or until you perish?”   “I do.”   “Do you swear, only to feast upon the flesh of the condemned, be it condemned by the secular or ecclesiastic?   “I do.”   “Rise then, our new brother, and welcome to the community.”   He was welcomed…lightly… I mean no one was cheering, and the applause was by no means thunderous, and sure some people looked like they absolutely hated the guy and would kill him outright if they had the chance, but but he was still “welcomed.” After all, the first two oaths he swore are dedicated to causes that even some healthy and able young men and women in this village have not partaken in, so who were these people to complain? Also, this is not the first, nor the last time the Church has welcomed undead into their ranks anyway. Part of the triumph of this Church is her ability to convert even the most wicked of reprobates to God and country, but I guess these villagers won’t come to appreciate that until they, with their own eyes, witness Suzuya’s dedication to the oaths he swore. But let’s be honest, if he looked uggo, and anything at all like the other ghouls we fought… this would have been a tough sell...   Vyyssenyya steps off stage and starts walking towards you guys. “How goes your quest? Don’t tell me you guys all got kicked out already?”   Renko, “Ahhhahahahaha! We already finished our quest! ” He said with a happy and smug look about his face.   Vyyssenyya, “Well, we too finished out quest in the early hours of the morning.”   Renko, “Hey, it’s not a race…”   Vyyssenyya, “...But we don’t have the luxury of correcting our sleep schedule right now. I suggest you all do your shopping now, sleep throughout the day while the craftsmen work on your trinkets, then pick up your items by the end of the day, so that we may be on our way by nightfall. This way, we can hopefully use the cover of darkness to slip past any rebel raiders who may still be out there seeking the ruin of these lands. I’m going to go on ahead and get us all meals, and a room for the night. Don’t worry about it, this will be on me.” The party then dispersed and went about their business.  

The Odd Ball

  While he was shopping, Marzluff thought it would be nice if he got something for Ramiel since she did go out of her way to have a very nice mask made for him. Marzluff certainly had more than enough coin to do so, after winning against a four way game of die, in the most favorable way possible. He found a magical item, which was book with infinite pages in it, and a bottomless inkwell, perfect for Ramiel who writes on a daily basis.   Oddly, Ryujin decided to shop alongside with Marzluff. Who knows why? Maybe he planned on murdering him on the spot at some point when they were all alone. Regardless of the reason, because they traveled together, they had the privilege of witnessing something, and even participating in it.   While the two were out and about shopping, Marzluff stumbled upon a familiar act. An act that he himself has done multiple times, and was all too familiar with. A street vendor was peddling watered down medicines, and and supplements, with wondrous claims to them. Marzluff was quite intrigued with what he was witnessing, and decided to listen in on the swindler’s sales pitch.   The swindler was an olives-skinned, Kalashtar, with long dark hair. He did his business from his own wagon. This wagon, resembed ours, but was just way smaller. It too was a vardo style wagon, meaning that one could live in it if they really wanted to.   This peddler of goods is very animated in all that he did. He was very vocal. The way he anunciated his words was very pronounced, and exaggerated. He swung his arms when he spoke, and spoke very flamboyant.   The Kalashtar man was hyping up this vial of snake oil, which he claimed would give one long flowing locks, like he did. Marzluff saw right through the man’s ruse the moment he was within earshot of him, so for shits and giggles, Marzluff decided to discredit the man. Marzluff claimed before the crowd that had gathered before them that this man was a swindler, and a thief.   But the Kalashtar man had dealt with hecklers before, and using his charm, convinced the people that Marzluff was just trying to discredit him, and dampen his thunder.   Marzluff then convinced Ryujin that he should volunteer, as he was curious if Dragonborn could even grow “hair”. Ryujin agreed and stepped right up, alongside “his buddy” Marzluff.   This made the Kalashtar man kinda nervous, as he himself kinda doubted that Dragonborn grew hair, but he did not panic. He took a few drops of the snake oil then applied some on Ryujin’s neck area, then claimed that within two weeks, growth of hair should start to sprout. Marzluff made a bluff, claiming that he and his buddy had time powers, which could speed the process up, but unbeknownst to them, the Kalashtar man was well versed in the arcane, and knew that there was no such spell.   Thinking on his feet, Ryujin then made a bluff not against the Kalashtar man, who was very wise, and onto their antics, but rather against the crowd. Ryujin started to proclaim that the potion was burning him! Concerned for the poor Dragonborn, the crowd now turns to the Kalashtar man with a certain ire on their faces.   Marzluff saw that the peddler was at his wits end, and secretly made the Kalashtar man an offer.   “Split it 80/20” he whispered to him.   “70/30”, the Kalashtar man whispered back.   “Thank you all, for witnessing our traveling act!” proclaimed Marzluff, as he opened his bag, in anticipation of some coin.   The audience loved it. The drama that unfolded before them felt so real, which was unlike anything at all plays were like. The crowd of 17 they had gathered, gave roughly 3 pennies each, which between the three of them wasn’t bad at all. More than enough food drink, lodgings and luxury for a few days, that’s for sure.   After everyone had left, Marzluff asked the man if he’d like to travel with them, and they had devised a plan that Marzluff and Ryujin would vouch for, and introduce the Kalashtar man, who’s name was Corvus, to Vyyssenyya and the group.  

Auf Wiedersehen

  About midday, the party had reconvened after running errands all morning. Marzluff gave Ramiel the magical book with infinite pages, and a bottomless inkwell, which she genuinely enjoyed. The first thing she did with it, in front of Marzluff, was to write “This book is the Property of Ramiel” on the very top of the first page of the book. Then at the bottom of the page, she wrote “Thank you, Marzluff”.   After enjoying his food, and drink, Renko decided to say his goodbyes. It caught us all off guard, but Renko is, after all just a traveling mercenary. He was under no obligation to stay and fight like the soldiers were, and he had just gotten paid, so, he felt it was time for him to get moving again.   Marzluff wanted to settle once and for all, how Renko could turn into sand, but defiant till the end, Renko claimed ignorance to the sand. Marzluff explained how his son Ketsu turned to sand, but still, Renko claimed ignorance about the ways of sand. Renko inquired about the whereabouts of his son, in which Marzluff explained how he just ran away with his boyfriend one day. This caught Renko off guard, and was slightly embarrassed about his son for once. Marzluff suggested to Renko that he should go out and look for him, but Renko insisted that would be a terrible idea. He was Hengeyokai after all, and it’s been almost a hundred years since he last saw him. Instead Renko gave Marzluff a list of excellent trackers who may be able to help find him.   Renko did tell us, that if ever we did come across his son ever again, to tell him that his father Renko loves him. After everyone had said their goodbyes, Ramiel ran up to Renko, and gave him a big old hug. Renko assured her that things would be alright now, and returned the hug. The old gathered his equipment, and went about his own way.   After Renko had left, Marzluff and Ryujin decided that this was the perfect time to introduce a possible new member, they announced this, and went to go get him. Corvus stood before the party, who immediately started sizing him up. But, well, we went easy on him since we were after all eating, drinking, and digesting the fact that Renko had just left us.   Corvus introduced himself, and the party welcomed him. Since both Marzluff and Ryujin both vouched for Corvus, Vyyssenyya only asked him if he was a capable fighter, in which he assured us that he was. Vyyssenyya briefly explained who they were, and what their goals were, and assured the man, with all of us at witness, that he’d be receiving our contracted pay for as long as the man traveled and worked with us.

Country Roads, Take me Home

  It’s about a 10 hour journey from Ainokura to Shirikawa using the main road. We’re far away from the safe and secure roads of Eidolon, or I should say, the soon to be Holy Northern Empire. Keep in mind that we’re in the middle of a war, and you’ve been warned that there are dozens and dozens of small skirmishing raids taking place in these lands, so we must be vigilant in our march to Shirikawa. Roll 2d12, then everyone roll active perception since we were being vigilant in our march.   Shirikawa is the city this province is named after because it is the first and oldest settlement in this province. Long ago, before this province even had a name, people just called it Shirikawa because of that one settlement. They kept doing that long after other settlements popped up here, and so to differentiate the two, the people called the city Shirikawa, and the province Shirikawa-go.   We left Ainokura around midnight, which means we would be arriving around ten in the morning. We took the main road that hugs a river, both the road and the river leads to Shirikawa. In fact, this river, if followed the other way leads to the lake that the Bathhouse oversees. The road was built on the side of a mountain. It wasn’t too high in the skies, so the road that they laid down was still wide enough to fit the girth of our wagon just fine. Even if we did come across another wagon going the opposite way, there seemed to be ample room just beside the road to let traffic cross both ways. For the most part, just a few feet to our right was an ascending slope leading up the mountain side, and just a few feet to our left was a descending slope that led to a sudden drop off with the river down below.   Before we left, the locals told us that the main road we’re on was purposefully built at this specific elevation in the mountain for the sublime scenery, and when day’s first light crept over the horizon, we could finally see the sublime scenery for ourselves. The road isn’t too high up, and not too low down. We were at just at the right level to be above the morning fog that naturally forms here in the bliss serene mornings. Certainly, due to the randomness of nature, the fog might form higher or lower on some days, but today, of all days, the morning fog was just below our ankles, which gave us the illusion that we were walking on clouds. In addition, some of the mountains here had a peculiar formation that was slightly different to what we’re used to seeing. Apparently here in the orient, some mountains can form to become more vertically than they are horizontally, which gave them very steep dagger like slope, which when paired with the coursing morning fog, made it seem like these colossal stone daggers were cutting through the morning fog.   The morning fog would have been even more of a beautiful scene if we had all of our multi colored suns to illuminate the fog, but with Nod still ominously hovering overhead, we’ll just have to make do. The majestic scenery was short lived, as dark storm clouds began to obscure the light of the morning. Slowly, but surely it starts to drizzle… drizzle became rain, and rain became a downfall. We could all notable hear the river to our left beginning to rage even louder and louder.   Gamagori, and Inumuta’s scouts have reported that the bulk of the rebels occupying Shirikawa had already abandoned the city just before we made port in these lands, so we shouldn’t have to besiege the settlement or anything like that. Also, according to Inumuta, Eidolon’s far east campaign is doing well. Actually, it’s going faster than schedule for the most part. Captain Angel is just about done with Ogimachi. Captains Navarro and Aguilo had already liberated their assigned settlements, so they should be on their way to the rendezvous point, They’re probably just a few hours behind us, just from, you know, a different road. Admiral Cortez, and Grand Admiral Dvorak are the ones a bit behind schedule. The rebels occupying Kure Naval base had emptied their base in anticipation of the Grand Admiral’s assault. They had hoped, that while the Grand Admiral was besieging the base, their fleet would strike them from behind, but the Grand Admiral struck so fast, and hard that the base fell before the rebel fleet could participate in the fight. The Grand Admiral is currently in hot pursuit of the rebel’s fleet on the eastern side of the island who are currently southern bound. Admiral Cortez is busy because he needs to secure the Kure Naval base and the whole eastern half of the island, in the Grand Admiral’s place.   A few hours have passed.   “Let us take a break from your studies Ji-min. You’ve progressed far, both physically, and mentally. Your trail as my apprentice is nearing it’s end, and I’m proud of your progress.”   “Meteora was the monastery you grew up in, is that right? Ever been there Ramiel?”   Ramiel shakes her head from side to side. She writes something down on some spare parchment that she carried with her. It said, “I was on my way there, but never actually made it to the monastery. Master Ajin was supposed to teach me how to fight, but my ship was intercepted by the Black Plague just a few miles offshore when they captured me.” It was one thing for her to write that down, but it was another to have someone read it aloud. Ramiel became visibly shaken at her own words.   Vyyssenyya immediately picks up on the situation and picks up the convo, “You may not have known, but Ramiel has spent her early years as a Deva in Maharlika, in fact Arael, and Sahaquiel did too. They cannot remember the exact details, but they were reincarnated in these lands just over a decade and a half ago, which leads them to believe that in a past life they had likely perished in one of the many raids that Maharlikan nationalists frequently carried against the Eidolonians in these lands.”   “Ramiel in particular was taken in by the monastic order known as the Pearls of the Orient, an order that sprouted here dedicated to the urban development, medical aid, and the general defense of the people. "Defense of the people" specifically referring to the Maharlikans who willingly converted to the faith, but were set upon by their own people. But a few years ago that changed. Her order was wiped out by the Black Plague in the Rape of Shirikawa. She spent her early years playing in the grand cathedral of Mindanao, and as she grew older, she was sent from island to island learning from many great teachers and masters about the arts, music, literature, and the medicinal ways.”   “These three Deva gals are particularly dedicated to this cause. They’ve already dedicated their past life to this cause, and they were more than happy to give it again, in the name of God and Country.”   “What of you Ji-min? What is your history here? What was Meteora like?” asked Vyyssenyya.   Ji-min went on in detail of the glory, majesty and serenity of the monastery was like. Meteora was built atop one of those super steep mountains. The way to and from the monastery was a dangerous journey in of itself. He spoke of his two masters, Grand Master Yakumo, and Master Ajin, two Githzerai monks who looked over the care and maintenance of the Meteora. He explains how the Black Plague besieged the monastery once, and killed Grand Master Yakumo in the process. They repelled the siege thanks to his sacrifice, and the care of Meteora fell upon Master Ajin, Yakumo’s strongest and wisest student. It was master Ajin who took Ji-min in, and raised him as a monk. Ji-min also explained how he was tasked with exploring, and chronicling the lands and history of foreign lands. This raised some suspicion with Arael, but she kept to herself when Ji-min said that.   Sahaquiel then asked if Ji-min was ever sweet on a girl, in which he coyly admitted that he had crushed on a shrine maiden who used to work in the monastery.   “Oooohhhh myyyyyy” said Corvus.   “Corvus, what of you?” Vyyssenyya asked.   Corvus had revealed a few important things to us. He was not in fact a native to Maharlika. He was one of the many mercs who was permitted to enter these lands. Also, Corvus was sweet on a girl once. He challenged a man to a duel for her hand, but got carried away and straight up ended up killing the man. Dueling was already outlawed in his lands, and the fact he committed murder over an illegal duel also made it worse on him. Corvus is in fact, an exile, a castaway. More important than him admitting to this crime, which, as agents of law and justice, Vyyssenyya and crew duly noted, Corvus revealed another side of himself. When he spoke about his crime, his “act” dropped. Corvus did not speak to us in that over exaggerated and flamboyant manner. He spoke regularly in a low and gruff voice. There was a hint of shame and regret in his voice, but most of us took it for what it was, we had no reason to be suspicious of his words.   With about an hour left in our journey, the mountain pass that we were on was nearing an end, meaning it was time for us to make our descent...through the fog and rain… The horses did not like this at all. They were too spooked to continue. Afterall, they had to lead a wagon our size down a descending muddy slope, and they could not even see where the road leads to because of the fog.   Vyyssenyya, who led the vanguard, halts the envoy, and explains the situation to everyone. “We could wait out the rain and fog, or we could advance forward, while us strong bois pull the wagon from behind, as the horses pull the wagon forward, enabling a slow and steady descent.”   Just as we began to discuss our next course of action, Gaz, you notice a couple of small rocks fall beside your foot. A few other party members notice this, and quickly searched around for what could have caused these rocks to fall. They look up to their right and find a couple of men lining up alongside a divergent road that ran parallel to the main road on the ascending side of the mountain. They were trying to reach good positions by quietly trying to hide themselves behind some giant boulders, but they did so in haste, and haste makes waste.   Gaz shouts and alerts Vyyssenyya, and everyone else. We stare up at them, and they stare down at us. A man on horseback breaks the silence.   “Eighty pieces of silver for whoever brings me the heads of those Oathkeepers!”   His men started cheering, raising their weapons up in the air, and we draw and raise our arms against theirs, preparing for battle.   Roll for Initiative   Corvus, made a bluff, claiming that he too wanted in on that bounty, as he gave us a little "wink wink", and assured us telepathically that he was just bluffing. For the first three rounds, Corvus tread the edge of the map trying to make his way up towards the rebels, making it look like he defected from the party.   These men were attacking our right side flank, charging down the mountain, while just ahead, further down the road south of us, we hear even more men shouting battle cries, and charging right at us. Vyyssenyya, who was leading the vanguard looks around and sees that Juuzou, Sahaquiel, and Attadrax are the nearest to her, and orders them to come with her and meet the oncoming charge from the south.   Marzluff draws first blood with a weapon daily by yeeting a crossbow bolt at the mounted warrior who sent the bounty on the Oathkeepers. He lands a critical hit right into his shoulder. This hurt and shook the rebel captain up so much that he started hiding behind some rocks. However, due to new feats Marzluff took, Marzluff could still hit the mounted warrior as if he wasn’t behind any kind of cover anyway. Marzluff yote another crossbow bolt into his other shoulder, landing another crit. The crossbow bolt buried itself deep into the cavalier’s other shoulder, and with a certain desperation to his voice “And 15 pieces of silver, to whoever it was who just shot me, TWICE!”   There were a few gunners who had clean shots on the party, and an inspiring leader who timed their volleys. However, thanks to Marzluff, that inspiring leader has a pretty good reason to run away.   There were also a few archers present in the fight, and all but one made a volley against the party. The one who didn’t target the party, targeted the skies. He let loose a special arrow that whistled loudly in the air, and echoed alongside the mountainside. This wasn’t good. This implied that there were enemy reinforcements near by, and that they could pop in anywhere.   The party did their best to survive the onslaught. The party was divided into three halves. Vyyssenyya, Sahaquiel, Juuzou and Attadrax forced a intercepting force and went further down to thawrt the oncoming force. Bas, Amegwynn, Ryujin and Ji-min formed the southern flank, and Arael, Ramiel, Gaz, Marzluff Yatsuha and Corvus took on the northern flank.   The enemy reinforcements were a familiar foe. They were shark creatures that beset upon our ship a few weeks ago. There were about a dozen and a half of them, Two Sahuagin Priests, eight Sahuagin guards, and four Sahuagin Raiders. The Sahuagin Priests were by far their most dangerous asset. They've hit us before with their Water Bolt attack, but when they did so, they were atop a wooden deck. However, these priests were in water, and when they used their water bolt, even more water shot further, hitting harder than before.   Ryujin, who through poor positioning, and unfortunate circumstance, just so happened to be the closet person to the Sahuagins, and one of the priests critically hit Ryujin with a Water Bolt, and instantly bloodied the poor Dragonborn. Then, the priest's minions charged ahead uphill towards him, all hurled their Tridents at Ryujin. Only three of the four hit him, but it still brought his health was brought down to dangerous levels.   Ryujin had the chance to double move on out of there to retreat behind some superior cover, but instead only retreated a little bit, then attacked. Because of this, one of the Priests nailed Ryujin with another devastating Water Bolt attack which dropped him like a sack of potatoes.   Ryujin failed 1 saving throw, but would eventually be saved by Ramiel who sprinted across the map to help her team mate.   Around the same time the Sahuagins entered the battle, Attadrax rejoined this fight. It seemed like Vyyssenyya, and her detachment were finishing up the enemy's advancing party, and Attadrax left them early so that he could reinforce the main group. He entered the fight on the same divergent road that the rebels occupied, and blocked off their southern exit. He had entered the fight at just the perfect time to intercept the mounted rider who at this point had three crossbow bolts embedded in his body, courtesy of Marzluff. The rebel captain said "fuck this" decided to make a run for it. The captain of these rebels attempted to trample right over Attadrax with his horse, but the horse narrowly missed Attadrax. Fortunately for Attadrax, he did not miss his opportunity attack, and swat the rider off his horse. The captain fell hard onto the cold rocky ground, and never stood up again. Attadrax then began to harass the Shirikawan gunners, and archers, who were harrassing Bas, Amegwynn and Ji-min.   After easily handling their oncoming foe, enemy reserved started to charge down the mountain, concentrating all their forces on Bas, Amegwynn, and Ji-min. As the rebel reserves surrounded our heros, Bas and Amegwynn said "fuck it" and just turned their backs on the enemy, provoking opportunity attacks, but because Bas and Amegwynn were both defenders with heavy armor, and high AC, they got away with it, for the most part. They moved above their opponents just to get height advantage over them. Bas used his peak fighter and defender powers to essentially kill one of the Shirikawan mages that was attacking the party's flank with nothing immediate reactions, opportunity attacks, and his Rain of Steel power that allowed him to make attacks on people who start their turn adjacent to him. All at once, on a turn that wasn't even his own.   But this was not without consequence. One gunner critically hit Bas, and because of this his armor lost it's CD rating. He was also crit by another monster who cracked his ceramic armor even further. One more hit and Bas would be left exposed for the rest of the fight without any armor.   Amegwynn charged on ahead to help Attadrax take down the skirmishers before the enemies with the polearms reached them.   Meanwhile, on the other side of the map, before Ramiel sprinted across the map to help Ryujin, Ramiel blew two of her daily powers to assist Arael, Gaz, Yatsuhua, Marzluff, and Corvus so that they could finish off their enemies quicker. She made a medium zone which sent enemies flying prone, and granted resist 5 damage to all allies within the zone. She also used a power that improved everyone's AC, which saved multiple allies several times.   Arael also went all in, and turned into the avatar of the Angel of Radiance. Her body glowed with an astral splendor, that shed bright light, and made it harder for enemies to hit her. She also entered a stance of majesty which bolstered her Will, and gave her extra reach with her melee weapons. Then she used her Aspect of Might and dealt a mighty blow on the Shirikawan Mage that flanked this group's side of the battlefield.   Marzluff's crits on the captain did not go unpunished. The gunners and bowmen all targeted Marzluff, and forced him to retreat and hide. When the Raiders came in and were just a few feet from him, Marzluff decided to go into Corvus's wagon, and made a bluff using his Kenku mimicry to convince the Sahuagin Raiders that there were more men in that wagon. Marzluff succeeded this bluff, and on his next turn made an intimidation check. Fortunate for him, some were already bloodied, and the Sahuagins lacked the Will to resist the intimidate check. One Raider straight up surrendered, and another two ran away from the wagon.   When Corvus was finally a good distance away from the front line fighters who threw themselves right past him and towards Arael, Ramiel, Gaz, Yatsuha, and Marzluff, he summoned up a reckoning. He cast Chaos Bolt, which was wild magic. When it hit a target, it had a 50% chance of making a secondary attack to a near by enemy. This secondary attack had another 50% chance of making another "secondary attack" on another near by creature, so long as it hasn't been previously hit by Chaos Bolt.   On his turn alone, Corvus attacked once, and hit at least 5 different enemies.   Just when the scales started to tip ever so slightly in the party's favor, Vyyssenyya and her detachment returned from intercepting the enemy's vanguard unit. Vyyssenyya and Juuzou joined the other half of the party (Bas, Amegwynn, Ji-min, and Attadrax) and started hammering away at the rebels who had surrounded Bas and his half of the party. Sahaquiel, Ramiel, and Ryujin on the other hand have turned their attentions eastward, towards the Sahuagin Priests who've been harassing the party by sniping them from afar.   When things really started to look bad for the rebels, one of the Sahuagin Priests ducked down underwater, and shouted something in Abyssal. We knew all too well what that meant.   Sure enough, a few turns later, three familiar, three armed figures jumped out from the river. In particular, it was the three large Sahuagin Barons that attacked us back on Angel’s ship. One big dick, who’s obviously in charge, and two itty bitty testicles, appropriately situated by his left and right flanks.   However, the Biggus Dickus went and gotten himself squeezed between a rock and a hard place. In that crucial moment, Yatsuha came in with her signature “Shuriken to the Gut” technique which immobilized Biggus Dickus in a squeezing spot. Then, Marzluf, Ryujin, Sahaquiel and Ramiel picked him apart from a distance.   Right Nut wandered too far away from the big dick, and gotten himself surrounded, and was promptly Brazzers’d to death by like 60% of the party.   Left Nut was intercepted by Vyyssenyya before he even made it to the main road. She descended from atop the high ground and charged straight into Lefty. Eventually, Ji-min was able to reinforce her. The three of them played a game of chess where one constantly tried to get into more favorable fighting positions, like flanking and high ground, and once Biggus Dickus was killed, Sahaquiel and Ramiel were able to help slay Left Nut.   This was a long encounter, with three waves of non minions. Half the party was spent on this single encounter, and who could blame them? The enemy had the high ground, and had us flanked, with two additional waves of reinforcement. The rebels we fought here were clearly well trained, and seasoned. Yet, for all their strength, and advantages, we still emerged victorious.   Immediately after the fight, Bas ran towards Daro’s regeneration ring that he had received from the High King, and took Captain Vesper’s big funny hat.   The rest of us looted around, but found nothing of importance. Except for the rebel captain of course. On him, we found a satchel with 480 pieces of silver.   After looting what we can, we all took a short rest.  


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