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Holy Northern Empire

Before you delve into the inner workings of the Holy Northern Empire, you must understand the main ingredients of the "cohesive glue" that keeps the Holy Northern Empire together.   Firstly, they are descendants of the same ethnic peoples. Northerners are all descendants of the Götzic migrators, an ethnic people from the ancient Arkoshian empire, and the native Lativiticans, the "Northerners of the Old World". Despite both ethnic groups having a multitude of races within them, they could all trace their roots from either the Lativitic, or Götzic peoples. After a few hundred years of mixing these two ethnic peoples, you essentially end up with the quintessential modern day Northerner.   When the North was largely decentralized, there was a lot of north on north conflict, which was a tragedy. From the mixing of the Götz and the Lativitic, dozens of ethnic peoples developed, and they spread far away from each other in the vast expanse of the Ehrling Peninsula. Be it Eidolonian, Catalonian, Fransiscan, Weißean, Asturian, Bravarian, Cordovan, Almohadian, Almoravian, they all were born from the mixing of the Lativitic, and Götzic peoples. They all held similar cultures, similar beliefs, similar traditions, and similar lifestyles. From the very start, there was more that united Northerners than there was that divided them, which is why ultimately, Northern unification was inevitable. It was a slow, bloody unification, but ultimately, this unification did happen.   The cultures and traditions of the North have been greatly shaped and influenced by the Church. It was the Church that invested in the small towns and villages of the early centuries and transformed them into the bustling busy settlements they are today. When the constantly warring governments of the North were too busy waging war among each other, it fell upon the church to govern the people. The administration of many Northern territories, both big and small, fell in the hands of the Matriarchy known as prelatphorics, and archprelatphorics. Who else other than the nobility was fit to lead the communities? Other than nobility, the Matriarchy were the only ones who were educated to lead.   From the beginning of the new era, the people of the North was already largely assimilated through faith, and culutre. The only thing they needed was a strong centralized government.  


  The Holy Northern Empire (hereinafter HNE) is holy because the Emperor is to be crowned by the Holy Mother herself. In the same way an object, a person, a building, or a territory like a cemetery can be made holy, the entire empire is going to be consecrated. Like literally, holy oil is to be pour on the land, and the newly formed government is to announce Oathkeeping as their official state religion.   To an Oathkeeper, monarchy is God's sacred mission to grace and dignify Her creation, to give the wicked and sinful peoples of the world an ideal to strive towards, an example of nobility and beauty to raise them from their wretched lives. Monarchy is a calling from God. That's why monarchs of the Church are crowned in an abbey, not a government building, why monarchs are anointed, not appointed. It's an archprelate who puts the crown on a monarch's head, not a minister or public servant, which means a monarch is answerable to God in their duties, not the public.   Although not the first monarch to ever be crowned by the Church, the formation of the Holy Northern Empire is about to exemplify this belief. As the Holy Northern Emperor, anointed and crowned by the Holy Mother herself, the Emperor is head protector of the Church, and all of Oathkeepingdom. This sacred duty is bound by oath, meaning that the Emperor is subject to Velka's justice should ever he apostatize, or turn on the Church. The Church loved the idea of forming the HNE because it meant an empire would be converting the pagans and heretics of the world to the One True Faith, and the crown loved the idea because of the prestige it gave him.   However, unlike the Empires of the Old World, who started off more powerful than the Church, and eventually secularized their empires, the Church of the New World has never before been this powerful. The Church, as of 1584 NWE, has the power to enforce the justice of Velka both internally, and externally of the Church. Whereas in the Old World the Church became so completely corrupted and powerless to enforce the Will of Velka over high profile targets, like an emperor. The Church of today easily has the means to punish an emperor who fails to uphold his oaths. The Empire accepts the fact that the Church is the foundation and pillars of truth, and only the Church possesses the charisma of truth. To avoid the old world problems of kingdoms and empires secularizing their state, the foundations and pillars of the HNE makes it so that it's impossible for a government official in the HNE to change core aspects of the empire without rejecting Church theology, especially on morals and theology, and most importantly, without breaking officially sanctioned oaths.  


  It is known as Northern simply because the fatherland is in the North. The HNE is based around Eidleweiß. The full name is the Holy Northern Empire of the Götlavitic Nation. The Holy Northern Empire was known as ‘the Empire’ . If anyone in in the known world said, "the Empire", everyone knew it was the HNE that was being spoken of. Likewise if someone said ‘the Emperor’ one was clearly referring to the Emperor of the HNE.  

The Five Territories of the North, and their Governors

  The North has long been considered a mystery to the rest of the world. The Northerners are very nationalistic people, and have always kept to themselves. They were masters of the sea, and the cold, which thwarted foreign invaders and merchants from ever daring to venture North. On the southernmost border of the North was the Cradle of the North, a mountain range which was a crucial natural land barrier that helped keep the North, Northern. However, in the same way that foreigners didn't do too well in the North, Norttherners didn't do too well outside of the North, which is why largely in part why they mostly kept to themselves.   So when one day, out of nowhere, a powerful Northern territory broke convention and decided to meddle in the affairs outside of the North, the world was in shock. The world trembled when they heard that the Northerners descended from the mysterious lands of eternal winter offering not the olive branch, but the sword. The Kingdoms of the Westerlands tried their best to defend their coasts and ports. Unfortunately, it would take over a hundred years of raiding before the smaller kingdoms of the Westerlands could stand and face the the mighty Caliphate of Córdova.   The kingdoms of the Westerlands would gain the strength to defend their coasts, but not the strength to fight the raiders on sea. Instead the marched northeastward, raiding and pillaging Northern territories there. Unfortunately, at the time, they were ignorant to the differences between Northern territories. They knew not the difference between Córdovan, and Bravarian, for in the eyes of the rest of the world, the people of the North were simply just known as "Northerners".   The rest of the North was not happy to learn that their reputation had been tarnished by the Córdovans. Especially the Bravarians, who were attacked and lost lands because of the Córdovan's conquest and aggression. The historical events that follow would then set the stage for the rise and fall of the Northern Trade Federation, and eventually the formation of the Holy Northern Empire.  

Kingdom of Eidleweiß

  If Eidleweiß is considered the fatherland, then Eidolon is considered the heart of the Empire, homeland of the Emperor himself. The Fatherland is basically a merger of three old nations; the Kingdom of Eidolon, the Principality of Weißen, and the Duchy of Asturia. In the 15th century, Weißen merged with Asturia forming the Principality of Weißenaust. Once merged, the Kingdom of Eidleweiß will have the the largest navy, army, source of food, source of industry, trade goods, and wealth in all of the North. Eidleweiß will likely fall under the governance of either the Emperor himself, or someone handpicked by the Emperor.  

Duchy of Bravaria

  The settlements south of the Cradle of the North has always been considered Northern territory, and has been owned by Northerners for over a thousand years. However, when the Northern raiders, or more specifically, the Córdovan Raiders, started dwindling, the western nations retaliated against the raiders, with some success. As the Córdovan raiders declined, the western nations rose, and the once victims of the savage raids remembered the savage pillaging of the Northern raiders. They dared not face the Northerner on sea, so instead they marched northeastward. Ignorant to the difference between Bravarian, and Córdovan, they conquered Bravarian lands, but ultimately their campaign was stopped by the Duke of Bravaria at Corfe castle which denied them entry into the rest of the North.   After the War of Northern Unification, the Duchy of Bravaria as an independent state has been abolished. However, for his loyalty during the war, the Duke of Bravaria has been allowed to keep his title of Duke, and has been appointed to govern Bravaria in the Emperor's name. Since Bravaria is still ruled by a duke, it's still called the Duchy of Bravaria. The Duke of Bravaria has been tasked with Bravarian Reconquista. The North is going to take back the lands that she had long inhabited for over a thousand years. Furthermore, the Church has decided to capitalize on the events of the Reconquista by launching an Inquisition. When the Westermen invaded the territories south of the Cradle, they twisted the faith to fit their convenience and formed over a dozen heresies. The Church doesn't like the fact that so many heresies have formed just outside of her immediate sphere of influence, and will be cracking down hard on heretics who dare spread false information about God, and the One True Faith.

Viceroyalty of Catafransisca

  Catafransisca is the merger of two major kingdoms, the Kingdom of Catalan, and the Kingdom of Fran. The ethnic people of these two kingdoms more closely resemble Eidolonians than either the people of Weißenaust or Bravaria do, but despite this, they just didn't get along. The people from the Kingdom of Fran celebrated good relations with the people from the Kingdom of Eidolon for many centuries, but ever since the governance of the Kingdom of Fran fell to lesser men, their relationship soured. To make matters worse, the Kingdom of Catalan envied the rich cost and port cities the Kingdom of Fran held, and waged war with them when their relationship with the Eidolonians soured.   Through conquest, the Catalonians captured the crown of Fran. This was the most beneficial outcome since the Fransiscans didn't want to defend their remaining cities to the death, and the Catalonians didn't want to fight the Fransiscans to the death just to conquer every city, town and village within the kingdom.   The Viceroyal of Catafransisca is governed by Viktor VonAlstyne who was appointed viceroy of this territory by the soon to be Holy Northern Emperor. The VonAlstyne family is an old and ancient Eidolonian family, and have always been close friends with house Trastámara. The bannermen the VonAlstynes provide account for nearly a fifth of Eidolon’s army.  

Viceroyalty of Almohad

  The Viceroyalty of Almohad was once known as the Caliphate of Almohad, which was once a part of the larger Caliphate of Córdova. The same Córdovans that started the Northern Raiders. These raids on the Westerlands lasted for many years, and while the Córdovans grew richer from these raids, they grew more unpopular to the rest of the world.   The last Caliph of Córdova split his caliphate in two, leaving his two eldest sons to inherit it. The northern half was known as the Caliphate of Almohad, while the southern half was known as the Caliphate of Almoravids.   The western half of the Erhling Peninsula was the one place in the north that resisted the Church's influence the most. They subscribed to another pagan religion, so much so that their government was straight up a theocracy.   Although the western half of the North was the most unlike the rest, they still had more similarities than differences.   Governed by Prince Vaulter Dvorak XVIII, Grand Admiral, and Chief of Naval Operations of Eidolon’s Royal Navy, and head patriarch of Eidolon’s Moonscale clan. Vaulter has been given the task of selling the old fleet of Almohad, Almoravid, and creating a new armada for the empire. It is the crown's wish to create a new fleet of ships built like the new generation of ships that Eidolon has, strong deep seas faring ships, with icebreaker capabilities. The dragonborn of the Moonscale clan accounts for nearly half of Eidolon’s Royal Navy.  

Viceroyalty of Almoravids

  Governed by Theodora Velkinheim, a Princess-Archprelate of the Church, and appointed Viceroy of Almohad. Technically, since this land is ruled by an Archprelate, this territory would technically qualify as an Archprelatphoric. The Velkinheim family is another ancient family of Eidolon, and has provided Eidolon and the Church many prelates, and archprelates, and Holy Mothers in the past, many of which have ruled many fiefdoms in the name of God and the Eidolonian crown.  

The Emperor's Council

  • (The King of Maharlika, Archsteward of Maharlika)
  • The Grand Prince of The Selene Isles, Chief of Naval Operations of the Imperial Navy
  • The Grand Duke of Bravaria, Archmarshal of the Imperial Army
  • The Princess of Cainhurst, Archchamberlain
  • The Duke of Alyster, Archtreasurer
  • The Count of Monte Cristo, Archcupbearer
  Those who hold these titles are currently the Emperor's chosen council. They may, and probably hold other ranks, titles, and appointments. Note, that there is no current "King of Maharlika". Maharlika had an Emperor, but he and his chosen and most fit heirs were assassinated. Although the Emperor still has many children in line for the title of Emperor of Maharlika, the majority of the heirs born this late into the line of succession have mostly agreed to submit to Eidolonian rule to prevent further civil war among family and the country, since almost none of the remaining heirs were fit to lead. The High King agreed that if one of them rose to the occasion, he would appoint them as either king or queen of Maharlika to rule on behalf of the High King, and offer them a seat in the Emperor's council.  

The Northern Trade Federation

  The 15-16th century was really the last century of North on North consolidation via conflict. Through marriage, the Principality of Weißen united with the Duchy of Asturia, forming the Principality of Weißenaust. Through conquest, the Kingdom of Catalan forced the Kingdom of Fran to consolidate, and to marry into their royal lineage forming the Kingdom of Catafransisca.   Since the mid 15th century, the Caliphs of Almohad and Almoravids have ceased their raiding due to influence from the Oathkeepers, and public opinion of all Northerners that they make an honest living. By 1555, Almohad and Almoravid hasn’t been involved in a single raid for 96 consecutive years. As a result, the Western Kingdoms and the rest of the world have changed their opinion of the Northerners, and King Ferdinand XIII of Eidolon noticed this.   He called for a treaty involving all the Northern nations, and called for a federation, in the hopes that the new global opinion of the North along with the new reputation of the Northern Trade Federation is enough to open the North up to trade and immigration with the rest of the world. This way, the North may share in wealth and trade goods of the known world, while satisfying the Church's thirst for evangelization all without the need to spill an ounce of blood. Pretty much everyone loved the idea, but the Western Kingdoms would only agree to the trade treaty if the Northern Trade Federation were to pay recompense for the centuries of raiding, and swear an oath never to raid on a country they are currently trading with.   The Caliphs agreed to the proposal and swore their oaths, and paid their recompents. The King of Eidolon also proposed that should any country within the Northern Trade Federation violate these oaths and secede from the federation, that the rest of the North swear an oath that they would declare war on countries succeeding via violating the trade treaty. This way, even if some Northern country did violate the oath, the Northern Trade Federation would still hold their honor in the eyes of the rest of the world.   Ever since then, the rest of the North lightened up their biases against the Almohadians, and Almoravians. In just 20 years, the Caliphate nations saw an increase of the Oathkeeper’s faith by over 40%, giving them an even stronger sense of national identity with the rest of the North.   But the sons of these Caliphs were not happy with this agreement at all.  

Great Northern Civil War

  At 1570 NWE, the crown prince of Catalan, Prince Robert Francois-Damiens, son of Herbert Francois-Damiens, King of Catafransisca invited the many princes of the North to a grand hunt, to celebrate Northern unity with the recent formation of the Northern Trade Federation, and in the hopes that future heirs got along well with each other. In secret, the hunt was just a guise so Damiens can plot with the prince of Almohad and Almoravids the heinous crime of patricide, and to usurp their father’s thrones, and to command the traditionalists to raid the Westerlands once again. After all, Catafransisca just recently got ports, and a navy, and a strong populace willing and eager to raid. The heirs of the Caliphs of Almohad and Almoravids felt that raiding has been an important and defining part of their history and identity. The North has been feared and respected because of these raids out west, and this reputation made Northerners one of the most valued mercenaries worldwide. A great amount of wealth has come to the Northern caliphate nations because of these raids, and the idea that their fathers would settle for terms of trade was a sign of weakness, and ultimate betrayal to their history, and national identity.   The traitors and plotters knew very well that the upcoming annual Northern tournament would be held at Catafransisca, and that the Caliphs of Almohad and Almoravids would be present at the games, along with many royals, and high nobles. The plan was to assassinate their fathers, and blame it on the Eidolonians, who have always hated those three nations for giving all of the Northern nations a bad reputation at a global scale. King Ferdinand XIII of Eidolon did not attend the tournament, as at this time, his health has deteriorated, especially in the last few years. But his first born son, the crown prince Ferdinand XIV was young, healthy, and loved the tournament games, and was permitted to go without his father. The plan was to frame Prince Ferdinand for the assassination of the Caliphs and King, and have that be the excuse for why they killed him on the spot so he couldn’t defend his position.   However, through an unforeseen turn of events, the traitor and usurpers failed to separate the Sword Saint Santiago, captain of the Eidolonian royal guard and childhood friend of the Eidolonian crown prince, from Prince Ferdinand and King Herbert. On accounts of Catafransiscan soldiers, Santiago intercepted the poisoned dagger with his bare hands, not even receiving a single scratch on his hands. But Prince Robert had 6 crossbowmen as back up in case his assassination attempt failed. After disarming Prince Robert, the crossbowmen all loosed their bolts, and Santiago is said to have dodged two bolts, caught two bolts, but took one to the upper thigh, and one to the upper chest that broke his collarbone.   Instead of a quick and quiet assassination, it turned into a two day siege on the royal palace, where the Royal Guard of the Caliphates and the Royal Guards of Eidolon fought to defend their Caliphs, King, and Prince. And although the resistance would eventually fall, Prince Ferdinand and the Caliph of Almohad would be able to escape with their lives.   That Siege was the fall of Santiago, the Sword Saint, and former Captain of the Eidolonian Royal Guard.   Luckily, since it caused such a commotion, the nobles, knights, and serfs of Almohad, Almoravids, and Catafransisca knew that something was fishy about Prince Robert’s claims of Eidolonian betrayal, and since one of the caliphs survived, he was able to back up Prince Ferdinand’s claim of attempted patricide, assassination, and coup d'etat. And thus war was declared. Almohad was in civil war. The strong military half of the nation was in support of their prince who was for raiding, unlike their king and his pacifist loyalists who was for trading. Almoravids swiftly dealt with their loyalist party, and put into power pro raiding nobles, and same with Catafransisca, who without their King was unable to rally as a nation against the prince usurpers.   In finding out that people he thought were friends and allies all conspired against his heir, and put his heir in danger, spilled Eidolonian blood, killed a Sword Saint, broke the Northern Trade Federation and the trade deal with the Westerlands, ruined the reputation of all Northerners, and probably the most important and detestable thing, broke officially sanctioned oaths, absolutely infuriated Ferdinand XIII. Casa de Trastámara, the dynasty that rules Eidolon, had long been very religious people, the Velkinheims are one of their closest and oldest allies, and so this violation of oaths was an act so repulsive to the Eidolonian king.   However, the reluctance of the remnants of the loyalist royals and nobles of Fran, Almohad, and Almoravids to step up and form some kind of organized resistance angered him even further. They did swear oaths that if a Northern country seceded from the Northern Trade Federation, the rest of the North would declare war on the traitors. The indifference of Bravaria did not help either, and thus Ferdinand XIII took on the self proclaimed temporary title of High King of the North, threatening that all those who take their oaths lightly will pay the price. The Kingdom of Eidolon was backed by the Church, the Principality of Weißenaust, and a powerful kingdom in the Stormlands. Together, they had the military strength, the resources, and the public support to fight and win this war.   The Principality of Weißenaust, being on very good terms with Eidolon, was the first to support the High King, suggesting that their nations join under one banner through the marriage of Prince Ferdinand XIV, and Evelyn II, daughter of Princess Evelyn I of Weißenaust, forming the de jure Kingdom of Eidleweiß, which would solidify his title of High King, and once the other Northern nations bent the knee, he could form the whole, and proper empire of the North, the Holy Northern Empire.   King Ferdinand XIII was reluctant at first because he was well aware of the ever scheming Principalities great matchmaking capabilities, consolidating great power and influence through marriages, but ultimately agreed to it when he saw that his son and their daughter were genuinely in love.   The Kingdom of Catafransisca, and the Almohad and Almoravid Caliphates sent their raiding party out west, thinking that they had the safety of winter on their side. The Northern Sea route was completely frozen. However, unknown to them, Eidolon’s new navy had ships that would cleave right through the thick ice in the frozen seaways of the far North. Eidolon descended upon Catafransisca with the full wrath of winter’s winds, and the High King's assault would cut deep into the Ehrling Peninsula.   Sadly, after the invasion of Catafransisca, and giving his blessing to his son’s marriage, he would pass away shortly after due to a fever he got during the voyage to Catafransisca. He did decide to attack in the dead of winter with his new Icebreaker class ships. Responsibility of the war had now fallen to his son, the new High King, Ferdinand XIV, and the Northern assault on the Kingdom of Catafransisca had now fallen in the hands of Vaulter Dvorak XVIII of the Moonscale clan, and Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy. While the new High King led his army on the shores of the Duchy of Bravaria from the east.   The war lasted for 14 years, officially ending on January 1st of 1584 NWE. The result was total Eidolonian supremacy. The Kingdom of Eidolon is to merged with the Principality of Weißenaust to form the Kingdom of Eidleweiß. The Kingdom of Catafransisca and the Caliphate of Almohad and Almoravids have been abolished and reformed into the Viceroyalties of Catafransisca, Almohad and Almoravids. They have been appointed Viceroys who will govern these territories under the Emperor's name. The Duchy of Bravaria has technically also been abolished and reformed, but since Gottfried VonBerlichingen is still the Duke of Bravaria, the territory is still known as the Duchy of Bravaria.  

L'écartèlement of Robert-François Damiens

  After the capture of the rebel leader Robert, he was kept and imprisoned for 15 days, and on January 15th, 1584 NWE, after an hour and a half of Robert-François Damiens’s execution by ecartelement, by the hands of Vyyssenyya Dvorak, youngest, and only daughter of Vaulter Dvorak, it was concluded with all four limbs being torn apart. He remained alive, bleeding out for another 15 minutes, before finally dying. Damiens’ dismembered corpse was then thrown into the nearby fire.   After the execution of Robert-François Damiens, his residence was demolished, and the town’s name was terminated and changed. His relatives’ names were all changed, and they were banished out of the North. All vestiges of “Regicidal” Robert-François Damiens ever having lived was thoroughly struck from every record imaginable, not with the intent to erase a man from history, but to make a point, in the name of Velka, and on behalf of the soon to be Emperor of the Holy Northern Empire.  

The Last Flame of Rebellion

  About a month of rest and vacation, Ferdinand XIV passes the decree to open the North to mercenaries to participate in the civil war in the far east. Eidolon is the only navy with the fleet that can sail the deep seas anyway, and so the Fist Fleet was given the task in alleviating the Fifth Fleet, and bring justice upon those who ended the Matalas dynasty, and to avenge the fallen Eidolonians, and Oathkeepers who were mercilessly tortured and or killed simply for upholding and promoting the ideals of Oathkeeping and Northern civilization.  


  Empire, because both the crown of Eidolon and the Church wish for this to be an empire.  

Imperial Ranks, Noble and Royal

  • Emperor
  • King
  • Archduke
  • Grand Duke
  • Grand Prince
  • Prince
  • Duke
  • Sovereign Prince
  • Marquis
  • Margrave
  • Count
  • Viscount
  • Baron
  • Baronet
  • Hereditary Knight
  • Knight
  • Esquire
  • Gentleman

Assets of the Empire



  The soon to be Emperor is in the process of writing up pro family edicts across the land. The right to vote and have a say in political matters will fall to both men and women, as long as they are married fathers and mothers to children and own land. Larger families will be given greater government sanctions and benefits if their father works a federal job, and mothers stay at home raising the family. Corporations have been pushing for women and children in the work force, but the Church and State oppose this idea, especially if it is at the cost of family. Church and state believe that a woman's duty and loyalty is to her family before any corporate entity. These pro family edicts will give birth to many children who will inherit the Empire one day.  


  The advantage of any empire is the ability to levy conscripts from the lands. That's what the term "legion" means, levy. The advantage of any legion is it's power to assimilate local regions and give them a central sense of identity and loyalty. In the same way that children learn to fear God through their fathers, children will learn to respect the state through their fathers, and the legion is where fathers are made into men of the Empire. The HNE being an Oathkeeping nation means that the oaths of loyalty and service legionnaires make are officially sanctioned, which means that their oaths are both enforced by the Imperial Military Court, and the Executioners of the Church.   The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Eidolon is soon to be reformed into the Imperial Army of the Holy Northern Empire. Each legionnaire must be an official citizen who either owns lands, or is from a family that owns land. Each must swear officially sanctioned oaths of loyalty and service before the Church and state as witness to the dedication the devotee makes to serve the Empire. All legions will be drilled in the newly created Tercios formation, the originator of the pike and shot formation that has taken over military formations all over the world. From there, they will either be assigned to local garrisoned forces, or a proper numerical legion.  


  The Royal Navy of the Kingdom of Eidolon is to also be reformed as the Imperial Navy of the Holy Northern Empire. Vaulter Dvorak XVIII, the soon to be Chief of Naval Operations of the Holy Northern Empire, was given the task of demilitarizing and selling the newly acquired fleet of Almoravids, and Almohad, and to use the money to commission the newest class of ships, just like the ones Eidolon has, so that the HNE may form an armada to be reckoned with. An armada that can properly patrol and thwart off the creatures of the deep that infest the Frozen Seaway, and keep the peace in her large realm.  

Imperial Wealth

  A stronger and swifter responding military means safer trade, and eventually a growing economy. The further a merchant can travel to trade their goods without fear of being robbed by highway men, pirates, and brigands, or worse the creatures of the deep, encourages trade, and the spending of wealth. In time, the merchants and traders of the North will come to enjoy the safety and stability the strong military has to offer, which was a stark contrast to the decentralized chaos of past times.   The geothermal hot spots of the North is driving force behind the North's wealth. Without these hot spots, the freezing climate of the North would lock and seal away the rich and fertile soil of the North, never to be used except for the heartiest of true Northern flora. These geothermal hot spots also played an important role in the formation of the Northern Trade Federation. The non indigenous crop grown in these geothermal hot spots were once imported through trade until the Northerners cultivated those crop in their own lands. Now, only the North can produce crop all year round, even in the dead of winter, if certain precautions are taken place.  

The Church

  The Church is also a source of assets for the HNE. The money the Church makes in donations makes it the largest business in the known world. With such massive funds, the Church can invest more in either missionaries and evangelization, which further expands the reach and influence of the Church, and the investments to infrastructure, which fortifies and solidify Oathkeeping communities. Just think, even if a cathedral cost 50,000 gold to create, but generates 5,000 gold a year, then in only ten years a cathedral pays for itself. How many examples of hundred and thousand year old churches and cathedrals are there again? Thousands? As The North has shown, the better the Church did, the stronger, the better, and more united the Northern people became. It was the Church that united the islands that formed Eidolon which is considered the heart of the Empire, it was the Church that saved the lost technologies and information from the Old World, it was the Church that created monasteries and convents that provided the common people an education, it was the Church that played a direct role in capturing the regicidal Crown Prince of Catafransisca and put an end to a continent expanding civil war, it was the Church's Executioners who ensured that not one Northern settlement was overrun by undead on the day Nod eclipsed our planet, it was the Church that reformed the Graveguard to combat all manner of undeath that threatens civilizations all over the world, it was the Church that invested in Eidolon's Royal Navy, and gave her the blessing to search for new lands across the deep seas, it was the Church that played a hand in introducing Oathkeeping and Northern civilization to the South, East and West, it was the Church that taught the rural Maharlikans of the Shirikawa-go province to defend themselves against the Black Plague which bought time ensuring that at least some Shirikawan's survived the ordeal, and it was the Church that played a hand in continued resistance against the Maharlikan rebels.   And this is just in the North and Maharlika. How far has the influence of the Church spread in the past couple hundred years? How many more hundred years will it be before historians can compile the complete list of works the Church has done in the name of Velka? What institution here can even begin to claim to have done so much for the world?  

Public Agenda

  The agenda of the HNE is to ensure the prosperity of The North, and to further solidify the identity of all Northerners through God and Country.   Before Ferdinand XIV accepts the title of Holy Northern Emperor and marries Evelyn II, he promised that he'd resolve the civil uprising in both The North and Maharlika first. After fourteen years of campaigning around in the Ehrling Peninsula, Ferdinand XIV finally gets rid of the rebels, and unites The North under one banner. About a month later, he sends the mighty First Fleet to assist the Fifth Fleet in retaking Maharlika.

Todos los reinos terrenales están sujetos a Eidleweiß" or "Alles Erdreich ist Eidleweiß Untertan", or "All earthly realms are subject to Eidleweiß

Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Empire, HNE, The North
Northerners, Imperial Citizens, Imps,
The North

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