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For as long as allkind was capable of harboring indifference and brutality in their hearts and minds, allkind had fought with one another in a never ending waxing and waning power struggle. In fact, allkind had become so battle hardened, experienced, and proficient in waging war, that they dramatically changed how fast the drums of war drilled.


War, and it’s costly and devastating consumption of life has changed by the time of the Seven Years War. Allkind’s cold and calculated marriage of magic and the sciences have birthed a new technology known as magitek. The inevitable weaponization of magitek gave allkind the ability to slaughter one another with such simplicity, and proficiency.


Desperate to end the Seven Years War, Emperor Friedrich Von Hohenzollern, the profound sage that he was, at the peak of his might, and the height of the technological advancements at the time, was able attain the insight and power to cast an almighty spell that would end the Seven Years War once and for all. It would summon forth a comet to lay waste to the enemies of the empire.


But the Emperor, miscalculated, and ended up underestimated this new power.

Friedrich’s Comet looked like a giant crystal while it was still far away from our planet. As it came closer and entered our atmosphere the comet was set ablaze. The crystal melted and quickly turned into gas which ignited the entire comet into a second sun that burned hot, bright blue and white. The blazing comet descended upon earth, and when it hit the sea, the gas dispersed at such high speeds, spreading to all corners of the world, bringing along with it a great tidal wave of fire that stood from earth to sky which cremated the entire surface of our planet.

The comet ended the Seven Years War, but started the Forty Days of Fire.


Not everything would be consumed by the Forty Days of Fire, and because of this, whatever survived this ordeal would flourish anew, with a vengeance. It would take the world over a century after the last day of the Forty Days of Fire before sunlight would once again shine through the darkness.


The survivors of the new world would later rename the planet to Phoenix, because the new world was born from the ashes of the old world.


It has been 1,583 years since the 40th day of fire.