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Ore Mining Town on the Fringe

So ... you know how Earth has an atmosphere and why, right? We have gravity and this whole magnetisphere thing or whatever you call it. Basically, because we're big and we have a rotating magnetic core, and we have the right kinds of things around us, we get an atmosphere. Our sky looks blue because of the gases in our atmosphere diffusing sunlight as it comes in and making it blue. That's why the sky isn't blue at night and we can see the stars. No sunlight.   Here's the thing with this ... this other place, the one I dream about. It's not like Earth. There's no blue sky. There's a sun and daylight. But it's different. We can breathe though. There's air. We stick to the ground like there's gravity.   But it's not a planet. Or maybe it's a bunch of pieces of a planet that didn't quite learn to fit together. I don't know. The locals call them "isles." I've been to the edge of one of them before. It's entrancing and scary at the same time. You usually find mining towns there, digging up what they call Ore from the edge of the isle.   The one I went to, the land looked like a desert. It reminded me of an old western town, the kind you see in old movies. The people are always covered in dust and dirt from the mines. But they're friendly.   I remember we weren't there to buy Ore from these miners, though. This is what's really funny, because when I say this place was a desert, I mean it was bare rock and sand. Nothing around but some trees that looked like they had been old, dead, and dried for years.   And we were there ... to buy water!

Lassar's Notes

Quite a few people would be very upset with me for obtaining this. Given time and wisdom, they'll forgive me. I can't discern who created this. I only came upon it by chance. Damn you Gaithen! We should know when these things exist outside of Telan. Well, until you have your things in order, I suppose I'll keep it safe.
Copyright Ⓒ 2022 Lynn Perretta, Ravensveil Gaming

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