Station City Sanctuary

Station City Sanctuary (SCS) is in the city-center of Station City. Station City is where the first settlement of humans lived on Phasmatum. Although the entire city is built from the remnants of the space station that landed on Phasmatum, Station City Sanctuary consists of the remastered design from the center of the space ship.   The SCS is considered a world wonder and a tourist location for both Human and Kuvonee alike. It spans over two hundred stories and consists of various Earth museums, religious centers, shopping malls, indoor gardens, farms, and lakes, and food courts from around the world. The Station City Sanctuary has both upscale hotel rooms--for those of the upper echelon--as well as refuge apartments, for any person or family who has no place to go.   The upper floors of Station City Sanctuary is known as the hub for the Phasmatum Council, as well as the training grounds for their elite combat force. All of the top fifty floors -- other than the very top floor -- are off-limits to civilians.   On the outside of the SCS, the metal walls have been covered with green walls and waterfalls. The roof has solar panels which follow the sun's rotation. The solar panels and waterfalls help to power everything within the Station City Sanctuary. This, along with the indoor gardens and rain capture system, have made Station City Sanctuary a completely self-sufficient City-Building, and has been showcased as the example in all other cities.   At the main entrance of Station City Sanctuary the words: "For the Good of Home and Humanity" are emblazed in a large archway and the pathway leading up to the main door are stones which outlines the various achievements of the humans of Earth. Water-powered lifts allow visitors to get to various floors quickly and solar-powered trams zip through the center of wide hallways.   It is said that people could stay at Station City Sanctuary for a decade and still not see everything it contains within its walls.
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