SC Guide: Deciphering Teen Slang

An excerpt from Aline Massena's monthly column: SC Guide: Deciphering your Teen
  It's a common problem for all parents. Your teen walks in the door and suddenly starts speaking a language you couldn't hope to understand. Not to mention the conversations with their friends that you overhear. This guide will help you decipher some of the most common phrases your teen loves to say. As always, I will let you know when to worry.   Picture this, you call your son inside for dinner. Being the grateful offspring he is, your son starts to comply. When suddenly one of his friends shout out a phrase:  

"Why don't you get inked?"

  In a moment, your son turns back to laugh with his friends. Ignoring your incessant calling. What just happened?   This phrase in an insult often used by the upper echelon of youth. It is in reference to the practice of distance relatives getting tattoos of their clans totems or other sigils in hopes of currying favor with their more connected familial ties. If you hear a teen utter this insult, they are implying that the other person acts the sycophant to family members or others in authority. This kind of disrespect should be curbed quickly; a swift petition to Boli Shah will help immensely.   How about another scenario? Your daughter's friends come over to visit. When they walk through the door one of them shrieks and says:  

"Your outfit makes me dizzy!"

  Never fear, you're not about to have a fainting teen in your hands. The phrase, often shortened to just "dizzy", is a compliment referring to a person's looks. They are trying to express that their eyes are so busy trying to take in every detail of the style, they feel a little light-headed.   What if one of your son's friends approaches your daughter to ask:  

"Fancy a visit to the snake's tail?"

  There's no need to knock down the door, demanding they show you their hands. The question refers to the bottom floor of the popular club, The Rainbow Serpent. Of course, the bottom floor of the Rainbow's Serpent does allow for the purchase and consumption of Restricted Drugs. So please be sure to have a conversation with both of your children about responsible drug use, as well as safe sex practices.   If your son interjects:  

"She couldn't handle the Snake's Tail."

  He is implying that she is too innocent to partake in this form of fun. Enjoy it while it lasts. Later that night, your teens may have a conversation about their friends. If you hear one them say:  

"He absolutely shattered."

  It often refers to somebody collecting so much Brane over a short time that they shattered their Branstone. Of course, we all know how risky this can be. Be sure to talk to your teens about safe use of Brane. Conversely, if they say a person is absolutely shattered, this means they possess extreme charisma. Check for context clues to be sure.   A few other phrases your teens may slip into conversation when describing their friends:  

"She's such a Samhedi."

  Somebody who parties a lot. More than likely an extreme user of restricted drugs.  

"He's such a Freda."

  Somebody who is extremely clingy. Could be used to describe an ex or an unrequited crush.  

"She's such an Anaisa Pye."

  Somebody who is fun to be around and easy to love. A person worth getting or staying in a relationship with.   That is all for this month. Send questions for my next column: Deciphering your teen's questionable fashion taste:  
Dear Aline,   What is the deal with all the weird eye pieces my daughter is suddenly obsessed with wearing? I'm convinced she joined a secret society right under my nose! How can I tell her to tone down her style without completely alienating her?   Sincerely,   "Eye Just Don't Understand"
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13 Dec, 2020 03:33

Hey! I really enjoyed this article. Funny and easy to read. :) Great work.

14 Dec, 2020 02:02

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you liked it.

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