Phasmatum Council

The Phasmatum Council has existed since before there was a Phasmatum. The world leaders which gathered to solve the problem of Earth formed the original world council. The council purports that it was through their joint efforts that humanity was saved and it is only through their continued existence that humanity won't destroy themselves again.   The Phasmatum Council operates out of Station City -- which are the remains of the space ship which brought humans to the planet. Representatives from every region meet once a year to bring updates from their represented areas. Every five years, representatives are selected by the countries under the Phasmatum's guidance. Which in fact, is all of the countries. Although there are country leaders who chose not to respect their sovereignity, the Phasmatum Council has an elite force of operatives who will put leaders in place who step out of line.   The way in which these representatives are chosen varies by country. However, when a new council is selected, a president is chosen through vote. Because of this, many countries align together so that the president chosen can best represent their collective interests.   The primary goal of the Phasmatum Council is to ensure that the Hope Contract is upheld throughout every region. When individual countries seem to be stepping outside the boundaries of the Council, they run the risk of a political disposition from the Council. However, the Hope Contract is often reinterpreted and reskinned to suit the ruling interests of the Council. Certain countries are able to get away with actions that are outside the boundaries of the contract, while other countries have their leaders ousted because of political maneuvers under the guise of the Hope Contract.   Although there have been many calls to disband the Phasmatum Council, nobody has been able to come up with an alternative solution. The Phasmatum Council isn't so much "above" the law, as they are the law. It can be said that the Council is at the top of the humanity food chain.   The secondary goal of the Phasmatum Council is to act as a mediator between humans and the Kuvonee. However, they typically only communicate with the Dreamer's Sect. The Council considers them to be the mouthpiece for all Kuvonee, despite the numerous races of Kuvonee throughout the world.

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