There has been much debate on whether or not to classify Phasma as their own species. And if so, how to categorize the various types of Plasma located on the planet. 
  Phasma are spiritual beings that are able to manifest in physical form. All possess powers that cannot be explained through natural law. Humans often seek ways to harness Phasma’s powers to use for their own means. 
  Although Phasma will often congregate near people who hold belief in their powers, most Phasma have no interest in interacting with humans. Those that do will often manifest in human form. 
  It is unclear whether Phasma need to eat or drink, though they will often do so for enjoyment. However, they do seem to gain some benefit by being near people who believe in their powers or treat them as gods. 

Phasma primarily live in parallel dimensions. Little is known about it, other than the fact that there are multiple parallel dimensions that correspond with the type of Phasma.   There is much speculation regarding whether Phasma are ‘sent from the gods’, as they often declare. Prevailing scientific thought is that they are a parasitic species that feeds off of physical beings’ energy.
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