Phasma Arts

  The method in which a practitioner uses Brane energy found in Phasma creatures or beings in order to supersede natural laws.  


  Phasma are a symbiotic species with the ability to move between the Physical plane and the Membrane plane. The nature of this ability comes from the high amount of Brane within their molecule make-up. As the Membrane operates with different rules than those of the physical plane, Phasma possess abilities that seem supernatural to the human eye. Subspecies of Phasma are numerous and names can often seem arbitrary as different ethnic groups may classify them in different ways. As humans evolved on Earth, so too have Phasma evolved in the Membrane. Although the majority of Phasma are non-sapient, there are those that possess some degree of sapience. There has been no empirical studies to determine if they possess the same degree as humans.  


  Brane is the building blocks of Phasma. Where humans would possess water, Phasma possess Brane. There is still much to be discovered about Brane, but studies have shown that humans possess small amounts of Brane within their make-up. Kuvonee even more. Use of Brane particles allow for humans to create phenomena similar to that of Phasma. The only known way to store Brane is through use of Branstones, which can be found throughout Phasmatum.

Membrane Plane

  The Membrane plane (referred to as Membrane) is a plane indiscernible to current human technology where Phasma originate. Little is known about its nature. Attempts to understand the topography have been futile as different Phasma describe it different ways. It is believed that as the physical plane has continents on land, the Membrane has pockets in astral where different Phasma of similar background reside together.

Subspecies of Phasma

  Subspecies of Phasma are divided first by region and then by estimated sapience. Typically, this is determined through the degree in which they can reasonably communicate with humans. Phasma creatures are believed to have low-levels of sapience. Phasma beings are considered to possess similar levels of sapience to humans.    

Phasma Creatures in Ginen

  Most of the Creatures in Ginen can be classified as harmless. However, there are those that are extremely dangerous to humans. One such example is the Adze, which some scientists believe should be reclassified as a sapient being. Although this creature is clever and has the ability to mimic human behavior, its complete lack of drive beyond bloodlust has disbarred it from higher levels of thinking.   Read More (future link)

Phasma Beings in Ginen

  Although different people call the Beings in Ginen different names, such as Orisha or Nikisi, the term agreed upon by the majority of society is Loa. Loa can be further sub-classified into different ethnic groups that help to determine the nature of their abilities. For example, Phasma from the Petro ethnic group have great control over fire, whereas Ghede can channel power through the dead.   Read More (future link)

Practitioner Methods of Accessing Brane

  As Brane is a powerful source of energy that allows humans to supersede natural laws for miraculous results, people have developed ways in which to channel Brane to replicate use. Those who experiment in the development of these methods are called practitioners. There are three primary branches of methods.    

Traditional Methods

  In the traditional method of the Phasma arts, practitioners seek to work in harmony with the Phasma in order to access their powers. Those that use these methods often think of the Phasma as higher powers, thus treat them with reverence and respect. Starting out, practitioners will petition to certain Phasma in order to access small amounts of their power. As their relationship grows, the Phasma may allow practitioners to store some of their Brane in stones for use at a later date. Different sects who follow the traditional methods have different petitions and spells that provide for various abilities. This information is heavily guarded and shared only with those initiated into the sect.

Modern Methods

  In the modern method of the Phasma arts, practitioners seek to combine technology with Brane energy. Often, they seek to find ways to harness the energy of Brane without the need for Phasma. This often involves studying their molecular makeup in order to replicate it.  

Integrated Methods

  In the integrated method of the Phasma arts, practitioners will use traditional spells to access Brane, rather than technology. Where they differ from the traditional method, however, is that they may often bypass petitions to Phasma. Rather, they develop ways to channel Brane from Phasma through various spells.

Branstones as Trade and Tool

  Branstones can be found in different places throughout Phasmatum. Settlements have been built around these regions for the sole purpose of extracting these stones. The majority of Branstones are clear; however, different colored Branstones can be found when naturally occurring Brane has already been infused within them. Branstones cannot possess unlimited energy. There is a science to determine how much Brane they can store according to size and clarity. Overtime, their ability to store energy weakens. Additionally, if too much Brane energy is stored, they can shatter.   For those who wish to access Brane energy but do not want to dedicate their lives to learning the arts, buying branstones are an appealing alternative. Consumers have the option to pay practitioners to store a certain spell into the branstone or to purchase a branstone outright with the spell already infused.   Additionally, there is an entire market that surrounds the creation of weapons and tools with branstones which provide added powers. Although they do need to be “recharged” over time (thus providing repeat customers for practitioners), they can create immense effects. One such example would be a sword with the ability to zap an opponent with trace amounts of lightening. As a result of this market, more people prefer to carry melee weapons. Though possible to create bullets with branstones, the amount of power they'd be able to carry would be minuscule and the cost astronomical.    
The purpose of this article is to act as a primer for the magical system in Phasmatum. It is a work in progress. Please let me know what you liked about this article and what could be improved. What questions do you have when reading?
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Are Phasma higher powers?   Many believe that Phasma are spirits, gods, or messengers of a higher power. Whether this theory holds any value is difficult to say. Some postulate that our human ancestors had higher levels of Brane in their molecular makeup that allowed them to commune with the Phasma on Earth. As a result, they began to ascribe mythological motifs to the species as a way to explain the unknown.   Why do Phasma stay near ethnic groups that follow certain beliefs?   As a symbiotic creature, Phasma rely on the energy of humans to maintain their physical forms. The trending theory is that Phasma gain more energy — and supernatural abilities—when they are near large groups of humans who share similar beliefs in them. It is also a leading theory that Phasma mimicked higher power beings in order to feed off of the belief of humans.

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