Oju: Second Sight

Everybody told me to survive in Sikel City, I would need an Oju Stone. I couldn’t understand why. Sure . . . the place was lively, but it isn’t like I’ve never been to a city that didn’t have a few phasma partaking in fun.   Then a friend bought me an Oju Stone as a gift. Suddenly, I could see. The city was bathed in white light. The most average passerbys: phasma in disguise. Every stylish accessory: just another source of power.   This is just the magic they choose to show. My friend says. There are more advanced cloaking spells that hide Brane strings, even the phasma themselves from view. So why do people bother with Oju Stones? To know who has the power. My friend explains. To help you understand which people’s bad sides you don’t want to be on.



  When holding a branstone which has had the Oju spell cast on it, an individual can see things that are indiscernible to the human eye. This includes phasma beings or creatures that are in disguised forms, as well as objects that have high proportions of brane. Membrane-derived objects or species will be drapped with a soft glow.  


  This ritual will infuse the branstone for a month. The size of the branstone will determine how many times this ritual can be repeated with the same stone without it shattering. As a general rule, pebble-sized branstones can be recharged up to three times. Larger stones, up to six.  

Material Components:

  • Willing loa from any domain
  • Altar with objects preferred by loa
  • Branstone
  • Vepow chalk
  • Knowledge of veve sigil
  • Eye of a Bird or Fish


  1. Set up the altar with reverent thoughts of the Loa you wish to serve.
  2. Use the chalk to draw the Veve Sigil and place the eye and the branstone in the center.
  3. Invite the Loa to join you. If the Loa does so, the eye’s essence and the brane strings will bind and infuse within the branstone.

Additional Notes and Variations:

  1. Vepow chalk can be found in any Vodu shop. Additionally, the Oju sigil can be found in any basic Vodu Practitioner’s Tome. For those not wanting to invest in the entire tome, many shops also sell individual veve sigils.
  2. Although the Loa may offer brane strings, they may not wish to interact. Some will appear invisibly; this is especially the case for practitioners who are new to Vodu or those who have formed a lasting relationship with them.
  3. Some people may feel a little squeamish surrounding eyes. It is recommended to use an eye for greatest results. However, it is possible to substitute the material with a shard of mirror. This variation allows the individual to possess Loa sight when looking in reflections, such as a window or puddle of water.
  4. Advanced variants of this spell can see through cloaking spells or show a rainbow of glows that indicate different types of branstone strings, which helps determine what the spell or loa's powers are
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Spell Type

Ritual Casting

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Spell Length

Up to One Month

Second Sight Glow

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