It is written that when the people of Earth migrated to Phasmatum so too did the seven gates of Guinee. The physical gates are hidden by the lwa from human's senses. Though it is posited that the largest of such gates is located outside of Sikel City in the Uncharted Swamplands. Those who wish to commune with the dead and seek favor or power from the Lwa search for the gate. Never with any success. The only thing practitioners can agree on is that it must be near the Mines, as there are large deposits of gemstones that could only grow in a place infused with enhanced magical energy. Of course, what they are not aware of is that they will not find the Gate in the winding caves of the mines. Rather, the Swamp that runs beneath it.   Every practitioner of Vodu must pass through the gates before reaching their next plane of existence. It is written that there are three paths for those who have died. Those who are worthy--as are the vast majority--those who lived their lives with mistakes that carried consequences on the physical realm. They will find Peace. For those who have not paid their debts for the extreme harm they cause, they must first seek Penance. And those extraordinary beings that transformed the landscape of the world are blessed to join the ranks of the lwa.   Though time may pass for those who seek Penance, all eventually pass through to Peace. On that realm . . . one step closer to the Source of Life . . . the dead are able to intercede on behalf of family. There are those that resist Penance, however, and choose to stay in Guinee. Those that do risk losing their identities and eventually their minds, cursed to mindlessly re-live the harm that they caused -- returning to the physical realm to cause havoc on living beings.   One day a year, ancestors return to the physical realm to commune with their families. Because Phasmatum's vibrations make the invisible, visible, the people of Ginen can say with absolute certainty that this is true. Although it is so, no ancestor speaks of what is beyond. Only that there is no language on the physical realms to describe what they have experienced. Some ancestors have returned for over a century, others seem to disappear after mere years. All that is known is that they have moved on. To the next realm or to be reborn, it is not clear. It is common for family members to name the next child that is born after an ancestor who didn't return the previous year.   Guinee acts as not only the gateway between the living and dead for Vodu practitioners, it also acts as the home for the lwa. It is said that humans see mere the atrium of their world and that it actually spans the whole of the Ginen region. Easily conturing itself to the geography as the region grew. Lwa have the ability to appear and disappear at will. Their ability to move through the realm of Guinee allows them to instantly transport to any place Guinee touches. And as the population grows, so does Guinee. It is believed that Lwa only have one foot in the physical realm. Their powers are greatly diminished when they are outside the borders of Guinee. For that reason, it is rare to see a lwa outside the region of Ginen. Those that do travel must do so by traditional means. However, it isn't uncommon to find pocket realms of Guinee in other regions of the world. These places act as energy rejuvenators for Lwa . . . think of it as a day in the spa . . . and it also allows them to move from continent to continent instantaneously. Even if they do have to use their pesky feet to make it to the next town over.
Dimensional plane

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