Ulim lake

The southern part of Unazan Gazar overlooks the shores of a large salted water lake called Ulim Lake. The lake extends in the west toward the Arquir Desert and on the east and south laps the slopes of the Meseta del Dedo. Its extension it's not confirmed, but explorers have estimate it around 2000km2.


Ulim lake has a deeper eastern portion roughly eliptical and a western portion divide in a northern branch, wounding in the inner Arquir desert, and in a southern branch, that eventually terminates in a marshland area surrounding that southwest extremity of the Meseta del Dedo. Within the deeper part a large flat island has been extensively used for settlement and it is interconnected to Unazan Gazar by a ferry system and it is considered part of the city.


The water of the Ulim Lake are populated by various species of fishs and crustaceans, between them mullets and sturgeons are the most fished for their culinary interest. Along side them, hintadu people hunts Rainbow crabs that are common on the shores of the eastern part of the lake. Besides the species than live inside the water a significant number of amphibians and birds teem on the shores and in the swamp around the Ulim Lake, the most remarkable species are the Phaldoryan Cormorant and the Arquirian fish eagle. Furthermore, the enviroment of the lake is not been explored sufficiently to rule out the exhistence of unknown species.


According to some scholars, the area of Arquir Desert before the conflagration was an immense inner sea; the Ulim Lake is the only part of the sea still exhisting. They consider the salinity of the lake another proof in defense of their theory and the skeletons of massive creatures that are visible in various parts of Arquir Desert would be the confirmation. Unfortunately for the scholars, the legends are more gripping and compelling on the simple minds of most western citizens and therefore what most people believes is that this lake has been created by the tears that Boann, the divinity of springs and rivers, produced in their sorrow for the unshared love for Lyr.

Inhabiting Species


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