Theodore Mills

Brother Theodore Mills (a.k.a. Flame of the Inquisition)

Theodore Mills has been a zaelous member of the clergy of Be Chuille and the mind that has created the base of the inquisition.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in a aristocratic family in Molnué, the young Theodore was strongly attached to his mother Helena, that he will idolize in later age associating her to the figure of Be Chuille. His father, Martin, was an harsh man with an interest in the practics of traditional magic and focused in the expansion of his family's wealth. Theodore will rarely speak about his father and when he will do it will be in derogatory terms as their relations have never been strong since the father was always too busy to take any interest in his child that was raised by his mother and a plethora of teachers and mentors. It is believed that when Theodore was twelve, his father tried to evocate a spirit from the negative plane to try to obtain some information about a political adversary, but having overestimated his control on it he failed to banish from the house and this creature possessed Helena. The father tried to hide this accident, locking Helena in one of the towers despite Theodore protests. Helena's mind, under the action of the spirit, started to show signs of instability and his father was forced to seek assistance of a woman that locally was disreputed as a witch. The witch managed to banish the errand spirit back in the negative plane but Helena's mind was feeble and weak and three days later she stopped eating and speaking, Theodore spent the following weeks mostly at her bedside only to see her wither until her death. Blaming his father for her death, Theodore confronted him and tried to stab him with a fork but the physical superiority of his father was too much and, in the aftermath of the confrontation, he was disowned and sent to local abbey of Be Chuille.


Theodore's father assumed that the distance would have induced his son to, eventually, forgive or forget. He didn't particularly care of which of the two would occur, but he didn't take in to account Theodore's stubborn nature. Taken the mantle as Be Chuille's monk, he mingled his laconic attitude with a focus in the theologic doctrine, and he immediately felt the abbey was a place where he belonged. Furthermore, his artistic skills and classicist predisposition made him immediately stand out as a gifted copyist, in those years he would reproduce and illustrate several copies of ancient books of theology, history and literature; some of his copies are still considered masterpieces.

1378 1447
Biological Sex
Black as coal
Pitch black, neglected
Skin Tone
Pale white
Character Portrait image: by Luca Poddighe


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