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Amidst the shrouded swamps of the Eastern coast, The Free City of Petrovik rises above the silver fog of her harbour. The pointed spires of Petrovik Castle are a relief to weary sailors and trader caravans alike. The journey to Petrovik through the mountains to the west or the Barikost sea to the east is long and treacherous, but it remains the best link between the Petrovaste continent and the rest of the world for thousands of miles.   Petrovik is a bustling, modern city built slowly and surely by thousands of years of trade and migration. It is a city whose culture surges along the river of gold and innovation that pass through it. But it is also a city constantly struggling to find balance among diversity.   The Gorovich royal family sits at the head of an intricate Council of Guilds which forms Petrovik's representative government. They are the civil and military leaders of the city. The domain of Queen Lucia Gorovich includes Petrovik Castle and the Royal Navy Dockyard. It is the responsibility of the crown to uphold the values of Petrovik's people, protect their livelihoods, and enact their will.   The Inkwell House, the great guild of academia and artists, holds the university and the first printing press in the city. Through the Inkwell House scientific and cultural theory and practice are shared freely and protected by unity. From their ranks wisdom and long, arduous work blossoms into new inventions and understanding for the people of Petrovik, though it can get tiresome to be constantly reminded of this fact.   The Dagger House, the great guild of merchants and thieves, runs the markets, warehouses, and commercial dockyards of Petrovik. This guild defends with impunity the rights and livelihoods of the common worker, and will get their hands as dirty as necessary to do so. Their diplomatic representatives and private militia are cunning and skilled, but often unpredictable as by its nature The Dagger House has many conflicting agendas within its own ranks.   The Chapel House, the great guild of priests and monks of the Holy Church of Undying Light, forms a network of churches and community services in pursuit of uplifting and enlightening all of Petrovik to the ways of the Holy Flame. The church is charitable and many under its banner are pillars of their communities, but the laws and traditions of their scriptures are often enforced harshly by the more zealous bearers of the flame.   For all its intricacies and flaws, Petrovik is proudly considered a home to many of all races and creeds.   A new chapter is unfolding in Petrovik's history. With new innovations and social upheaval accelerating, hard times are ahead for the great city. To combat threats known and those still cloaked in darkness, a new breed of justice has been deployed to the streets of Petrovik.   "To the downtrodden thief and the misunderstood wizard, to the barbarian, to the gunslinger, to the seekers of truth and justice! Join the Nightsweeper Division today and shed light on the shadows that befall your lady Petrovik!" reads the pamphlet. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but none can foresee just how desperate these times shall become. Let us hope that Petrovik's most desperate measures yet are enough to face what brews behind the glowing eyes that watch unblinking in the night...