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The Doctrine of Planar Crossing by Jyllzenya Lupeiros

The difficulties all Conjurers face is perhaps the most intriguing thing about the school of magic itself. Among all magics, even the oft grim Necromany and Divination, it is one of the least developed studies of magics to date. This is not to say that the Spring striding Eladrin have practiced the art of teleportation since the recording of time. Many magics within the school that allow transportation over greater distances. And yet in my very youth we look to the stars and hear and retell the stories of fey gods and their dealings with one another, and the halls where the souls of the dearly departed walk until called upon to live life once more.   Many scholars and acolytes alike practice The Doctrine of Planar Singularity or The Doctrine of Plane Closure. Much of these doctrines deny or contradict other beliefs. It is doubtful that we lack ability to do so, as there are clues in nature that inter-planar travel is more common than initially believed. One may only look to the Tracen Zinwaren's study of phase spiders to determine that they track, hunt and spend large portions of their lives on other planes of existence. Tracen stated, whiles observing the hunting tactics of phase spiders, "they disappear before the strike, and with brief delay reappear already crawling or pouncing or reappearing with prepared webbing. The distance traveled between disappearance and reappearance when paired with the clear preparations between gives ample evidence that they are crawling along similar surfaces and distances. This is further confirmed as no innate ability to become invisible can be observed. When a phase spider is grappled or caught, it can clearly teleport. Where it leaves to is a mystery."   It is doubtful that spiders can discover or be blessed with such magic that is beyond the capabilities of sapient life.
It is upon my own observations that I make the conclusion that crossing occurs on our plane and it is not a rare occasion when one slips into another plane. The stain of the Goblin lands being grey and infested with ghosts at night as well as the heavy shifts of within the weave itself are strange and match other, darker locations. The Keep of Marshal Padwell, the infamous fifth century cannibal tyrant is one such location. Displaying darkness and shadow that defies the laws of our own plane except those of similar locations.   A similar event happens during marked holidays, in places deemed sacred and attuned with a specific deity there comes a transfiguring of the area and of those within it into a more holy and divine state of being. Joy abounds and rest is given. People report days without darkness and lack of tiring as time becomes largely relative.   I feel confidence in the doctrine of planar crossings, and that one may transfer or create an overlapping of our mutable plane into one representing ideal. The land and magics of our plane do not change, they are immutable. Thus, locations where the magics of the plane do appear to change, are not our plane at all.

Journal, Scientific

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