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Khrus and Besgue

Recent History

Khrus was the capital of Besgue, one of the Lehmer Empire's provinces. The people of Khrus were loyal to the empire, but many people in the rest of Besgue resented imperial rule, so the empire had weak control over much of the province and never managed to defeat the Besgue insurgency. During the Smothering, travel in Khrus largely fell apart, isolating many cities, towns, and villages. Outside of cities, bandits, lawlessness, and famine were common.

A new empire

Several years into the Smothering, a new empire, calling itself the Besgue Empire and claiming to be the Lehmer Empire's successor, arose in Khrus. Partially led by a force of angels, the Besgue Empire offered food and order while much of Cauchy fell into famine and anarchy. Because of this, the Besgue Empire initially grew incredibly quickly, as most people were glad to join the empire. Since the end of the Smothering, the Besgue Empire has continued to expand, but it is starting to face more resistance as the rest of Cauchy rebuilds. The Besgue Empire is ruled by Emperor Maximilian. Under Emperor Maximilian are four tetrarchs, one angel and three mortals, who are each in charge of one of part of the imperial government.
Today, there are many who resent the Besgue Empire, feeling that Besgue rule is tyrannical. The Besgue Empire, much like the Lehmer Empire before it, is unpopular in many parts of Besgue and is plagued by attacks from rebels and insurgents. Many of the region's religious groups oppose the empire, believing that the angels are overstepping their authority and severely compromising their own moral codes by helping the Besgue Empire fight rebels.  

Khrus Spire

The Khrus Spire is a cylindrical stone spire width a width of 150 feet and height of 1200 feet. It predates the city itself, and was constructed about 3,000 years ago. The spire is reinforced by magic which prevents it from collapsing under its own weight. This magic also makes the Spire very durable; the Spire has withstood sieges, storms, and dragon attacks without taking any visible damage. The Khrus Spire is the seat of government for the Besgue Empire.

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