I can't breath. I think we're lost.
We're not lost we're just in the middle of Bumfaq, No-Air.
— Frequent Exchange Among Travellers
Bumfaq is the capital and sole city of No-Air, a vast, sparsely populated desert country. Located in a southern region known in the Time Before as "E-jip," the city is surrounded by ancient monoliths. Just barely visible on the south-west horizon is the shadow of Aaru Pyramid, the First of Seven Great Sanctuaries to shelter humanity.

Alternative Name(s)
Bumfaq Ejip
Inhabitant Demonym
Bum, Bumfaqqer




You would think they'd want to hear about the eternal bliss of the Garlands or of life from the Time Before, but instead they always ask for that one narrative. The story of humble Bumfaqqers defending their Cracks from invasion. Don't ask me why. Though I'll admit it's a favorite.
— Aesop the Narrator
The establishment and history of No-Air's largest settlement is chronicled in the Ballad of Bumfaq.   In addition to being heavily tainted with Invisible Fire, the Scorching Wars had left the atmosphere above No-Air dangerously thin. For centuries few inhabitants could survive the diminished oxygen levels. But by 430 Tak-So, a Digitribe clan led by Prince Bummah Faqaarhi, who had been exiled by his brothers from Raku-En, settled the area. Unlike their sedentary cousins, who controlled their Proxies afar from the safety of a Digi-Pod, these Digitribers travelled with their stasis tube mounted on their Proxy's back. They built dwellings in the "Cracks", hardened trench-like recesses that had formed within the ground and lived peacefully for months until the settlement was ambushed suddenly in the night by a Carnage of three Hollows.     The warriors were able to fend them off, however the aftermath was devastating. Nearly a third of the settlers were slaughtered. An emergency council was held. They needed an immediate solution to the crisis. Bummah had learned from the clan's Narrator that E-jip was crucial to research and weapons development in the Time Before. So to the settlers' surpirse, instead of evacuating the area he ordered that the settlement be fortified and in the meantime dispatched scouts to explore a nearby monolith.   The structure was revealed to be an abandoned Gypsy Moth Industries research facility. There, they discovered a three-dimensional printing factory and the templates for a synthesized metal. The scouts returned with manufactured weapons, primarily pikes and spears as melee is the preferred weapon of Digitribers.   When the carnage returned for a second wave, they were suprised by lancers in the trenches. During the battle, the strange metal proved extemely durable and able to pierce through the Hollow exoskeleton. The Digitribers called the metal Qatalzam.   Bummah died in battle when his pod suffered intense damage, but not before beheading thirteen Hollows. Following the victory, the settlement was named in his honor. Bumfaq has produced few of the fiercest Digitribe warriors of Perasmenos and remains untouched by all Proto Agon including Hollows.


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