The Congressional Church of Conjurits

The Congressional Church of Conjurits was a church erected by Miramamosa¬†out of jealousy to build her own following. Built on the Full Dark of Boris-Ipa, the church was put together in 568 BME and was home to the conjurits. These beings are an artificial race of creatures, each with vastly different and unique designs, born solely to worship Miramamosa and feed into her powers with prayer. Though¬†   The purpose of the church was simple: it was a way of feeding more power for Miramamosa. Through creating conjurits, Miramamosa had hand-tailored their unique designs and woven a sliver of her essence into them as a means to breathe life into their existence. Having created the conjurits, she easily influenced them to worship her and later established a set of rules and a form of hierarchy to keep the conjurits in line. Conjurits mainly had designs similar to various animals seen across the solar system and an array of unnatural color combinations, Miramamosa had used their designs to set a hierarchy. Conjurits were taught to associate wings as a symbol of wisdom and horns as a symbol of authority. Though unintentional, this difference would later lead to conjurits who adorned wings, a set of horns, or both to view the regular conjurits as inferior to them; they believed they were favored by their goddess and developed posh relations with the lower classed conjurits.


At the bottom of the church's hierarchy was the working class, this was the most populated division among the church and consisted of conjurits who neither possessed horns nor wings. On their typical day-to-day basis, these people were tasked with hunting and gathering food for the church, praying to Miramamosa, tending to the gardens, and maintaining the cleanliness of the church and its surrounding territories. Just above this division were The Wise, those who were born with wings. The Wise acted as supervisors over the workers and provided a source of education for the working class and the young. Above the Wise were The Authoritarians, those who were born with horns. The Authoritarians established a force that monitored the conjurits and enforced the directives Miramamosa had established. At the top of the hierarchy, just below the goddess herself, were The Promise Born, the conjurits who were born with both wings and horn. The Promise Born were the most respected group of conjurits among the church. Their job was to maintain a close bond with Miramamosa and ensure that The Wise and The Authoritarians were performing their jobs correctly. Most importantly, The Promise Born had the final say when deciding the fate of conjurits who had infringed on the directives or had spoken out against Miramamosa. The punishments varied depending on the severity of the crime but violence was often used as punishment.


The Church fell 67 AME, just months before its 600th anniversary. Its downfall was due to an elaborate plot constructed by the rest of the pantheon that involved creating a disease that created the Hemovores, immortal beings only killable by weapons dipped in the blood of celestials, a blood that conjurits had. The armies of Elepothia soon invaded the church and nearly slaughtered all of the conjurits while destroying the church in their wake.

Tenets of Faith

1st Directive: Conjurits are to remain faithful to their goddess -- Miramamosa -- and are not to pray to any other gods nor idles. Prayer is to be commenced thrice a week and conjurits are required to choose one day of the month in which they will meditate in prayer 2nd Directive: (a) After creation, conjurits are allotted one month to select a name they shall choose to be referred to as. (b) A conjurits name is to be in good taste and mustn't demoralize anyone's self nor shall it denounce our ideologies. 3rd Directive: Every conjurit has a role amongst the church and they are required to perform the duties of their respected role and are to obey their supervisors. 4th Directive: (a) Conjurits are to treat each other as brother and sister. If your peers are struggling to perform their tasks, you are to help them. (b) Conjurits are not to fight each other should it cause bodily harm [However, The Promise Born has the authority to use bodily harm against anyone who infringes the directives]. (c) Conjurits are not to have intimate relations with one another. 5th Directive: The church and its territories are your home. You are not to leave this area if unaccompanied by any of The Wise or The Authoritarians.
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names

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