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Pendulus Cyclus

1272 AME

Pendulus Cyclus takes place in the Ithios system, home to a green star, and five orbiting planets. The universe is a science fantasy world with high fantasy and low science. Magic is set in a hierarchy where the top and most potent form of magic is what are known as Pendulums - wielders of magic that are capable of doing almost anything they can imagine (with some extents on their power). Though these heroic mages had once been abundant in number, after the Pendulum war, it was decided by The Pendulum that only two Pendulums were to exist at one time. The war had shown that Pendulums could use their powers for nefarious reasons, making people skeptical of their existence nowadays. Today, a powerful Pendulum rules the southern continent of Elethopia rising an army of minions that he conjures from the ashes of cities and villages he burns down. As if matters couldn't be worse, this formidable ruler is also a hemovore - a vampiric being that can only be killed by weapons/bullets dipped in the blood of celestial creatures. With his army quickly gathering and many militaries being unable to penetrate into his domain, citizens around Elethopia begin to fear the worst. When all seems lost, the second Pendulum has finally been revealed, and they have a lot to learn...


Magic is a complicated thing in the Ithios System and now with magic existing alongside technology, more laws are being put into place to monitor the usage of magic. The most common form of magic is found in nature, whether it be moon gems harvested from the high northern areas of Epothia or if it is the mysterious gas that builds up most of Mitholon and is used to create Glogic Energy; the fact remains that natural magic is rather abundant. The next layer up in the hierarchy of magic are two categories that apply to brittle born (those who cannot use magic). The first are sigils belonging to a certain school of magic and allow a person to use three spells from the school, however, a brittle born's body cannot have a second sigil or else they will die (it is rejected by the body). The second are mutations that are developed from injecting, ingesting, or inhaling natural magical substances in a method they are not meant to (I.E. as a drug). Doing so is a risky decision as victims have only a 10% chance of living from the experience. Once a mutation is developed, a person develops a supernatural type of magic and most cases have shown that people develop some sort of mental illness. Higher on the hierarchy is hereditary magic. Certain races contain the magic DNA structure, and magic is a receive gene capable of skipping generations should a magically hereditary race breed with a brittle born. This form of magic is more potent than the previously mentioned forms of magic. On the mirror side of the hereditary magic are bestowments that are passed onto specific people from specific groups of races that grant them a form of magic that is tailored more towards spiritual belief. At the very top of the hierarchy are what is known as the Pendulums. Pendulums are the strongest spellcasters in the system, capable of doing almost anything they can think of as long as it doesn't go against the will of the gods (I.E. Reverse time, bring someone back to life, rise to godhood, etc.) There are two types of Pendulums: A Bright Side and the Night Side. Pendulums are powered by an invisible entity known as a Pendulum that is constantly swinging in unpredictable motion. When the hand is "in the center," both types of Pendulums are at equal power. When the hand is "more towards the Night Side," the respective Pendulum is fully attuned to their magic prowess while the Bright Side is least attuned, and vice versa. Originally, Pendulums were rather great in numbers, though most fell to common greed and lust for power. Eventually, the Pendulum lowered its selection to a mere two people to exist at one time. This decision was made shortly after the Great Pendulum War.