Pendulus Cyclus

974 AME

In the Ithios system, technology and magic coexist. Not everyone is born capable to wield magic, and should the stars align in their favor, these "brittle born" can be born as the most powerful mages through the powers of the Pendulum. Whether these people use their newfound power for good or evil is up to them, but are nonetheless seen as threats to most people.
The Ithios system has made contact with only two other systems; one filled with dragons who have established the Iter-Syetm Acceptable Currency and another, found by accident through a temporal tear, of a hostile species who fully intend to fight to the death with their unwelcomed visitors.
Through dangers of natural cause and supernatural cause, above all else, the largest threat is currently The Emperor of Ashes. A reclusive Pendulum who has closed himself off from the world behind a fog of acid where he continues to erect an army of conjured abominations. Coming originally from the other side of the spatial anomaly, he plans to fulfill his duty in killing all who live in the Ithios System