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In this tumultous year, the treaty between the two nations – which was brokered nearly 35 years ago – has suffered one breach too many, and as negotiation after negotiation falls through, the drums of war grow louder. Adding to this momentum is Atai Phoenixwing of the Myrntide Dynasty, who has ascended to the station of High Emporer on the promise of exacting revenge against Aefall for their continued interference in their government and their lands. Meanwhile, in the South, beyond the many mountains of Aefall and its borders, lies Elsweep; a nation at war with itself. Coalitions of drow and tieflings wage bloody battles against alliances of dragonborns and tortles after the latter’s hopes of forming a sovereign land of their own was dashed.   To the East is the shining principality of Miggenheim, separated by the Cold Sea ruled by the dwarven prince Clovis Kord. From these foreign lands, a landmark innovation has been created by brilliant dwarven minds: The firearm. In but a short decade, the already enviable land has prospered and flourished tenfold, due to their monopoly on these new, dangerous weapons. Although still not common in the territories of Aefall and Myrntide, their armies are nevertheless dotted with battaltions wielding firearms they’ve just begun to understand. And finally, in the West, rests a sizeable island that’s experienced quite a surge in population over the years. Beastman of all kinds have formed communities and strangely peaceful social groups. Although largely ignored until now, this spike in numbers has gotten the attention of some nations, who fear they may come to pillage and wreak havoc on their shores.