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Beasts of burden

The beast of burden and transport animals of Pembina and known realms.   There is nothing too exotic or foreign here. There are stories and legends of long extinct animals, short nose bears and mastadons used up in the unexplored north. No one has brought such an animal south to prove their existence.   In the known world, oxen are used to pull carts, four, six and the common two wheeled types. Lone oxen the most common due to expense. Teams of two, four, six and seven can be seen along the kings roads hauling all manner of goods and people.   Dogs are harnessed with a travois to haul smaller items, and can be hooked up to sleds in the winter. A lone merchant may have a pack horse , or horse with travois as well as a dog with pack or travois accompanying him from town to town, market to market.   In remote backwaters, orphaned deer and moose raised in captivity have been used to haul carts and have even been ridden by a sole rider. This is always a site to see when one comes to town, attracting crowds to look at the spectical. Generally, They are unreliable, stubborn, independent animals who are more trouble then they are worth as domesticated pack animals.     Horses are used by the more well to do citizens being out of the price range of most people. Older, and less desired breeds are used as pack animals. Certain breeds are exclusively used by the Nobel class, it being illegal for others to ride them. Even questing knights, will use a horse which is worth more then a peasant would earn in a life time. A knight will have a war horse, raiding pony, transport mount and two to five pack animals in is retainer. More well to do knights will have one to three squires each with two lesser quality mounts. Questing knights, feigning piety, usually have two exquisite war horses, a travois being rotated daily from animal to animal.

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