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Lady of Bátwíc

Lady Lætha demands her meal, servant. Bring forth the breakfast!
— Morcar of Lheiss, Árl of Bátwíc
  Lætha is a house cat that was born in Aethelland at around 300 AU. At some point in her childhood, she was separated from her Aethish owners and ended up on a trade caravan headed towards Lithmark. Eventually, her journey brought her to Bátwíc, the town which ended up becoming her home. Lætha is currently employed in the court of Árl Morcar, giving the cat immense influence over local political affairs.  

Adoption by the Árl

In the year 302 AU, Lætha the cat had successfully made her way to the Helred peninsula. The merchant ship she had snuck on ended up in Bátwíc and it was there where she would find her new human companion.  


One of the servants of the local lord had stumbled across the young cat and carried it to the nearby castle. While delivering her to the Árl, the servant saw a tag wrapped around the cat's neck with some sort of name or word on it. Later the court charterman was able to determine that the label bore the cat's name and that it likely originated from Athelland.   The foreign name was told to Morcar of Lheiss upon the cat's arrival in the feasting hall. The lord took a liking to the cat, but deemed the strange name unpronounceable and decided to call her Lætha instead.  

Political Power

Árl Morcar and Lætha regularly spend time together in the lord's bed chambers. It is there where many of the decisions that affect the town of Bátwíc take place. Morcar has a large table in that room with a map of the settlement and its various districts. He and the cat contemplate decisions while looking at the map, and Lætha regularly affects decisions by stepping on a neighbourhood on the map.
Year of Birth
300 AU 11 Years old
Light green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White chest and paws
Settlement | Oct 20, 2021

Bátwíc is a large coastal town inhabited by Ceireds that falls within the borders of the Grand Duchy of Ismajlas


Author's Notes

This article is dedicated to my cat, Lääsu, who passed away a few days after the Christmas of 2019. May your spirit hunt mice and protect the household for eternity, brave kitteh.

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Jul 26, 2020 16:22 by Simo

Aww, I'm sorry about your kitteh. This is a lovely article you wrote I'm sure it's been appreciated in kitten heaven too.

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