Ásllak the Harbinger

Bringer of Death

Beware the haggard old wanderer. He roams these roads from time to time, spouting cryptic hogwash before disappearing into the fog. Monstreous savages will appear from where he stood, bringing death and leaving little left of the victims.
— Guard in Vuonna to a traveller
  Ásllak the Harbinger is the feared leader of a band of savage marauders. For decades he has journeyed on the roads near his home, the Guolleana bogland, telling cryptic messages to all who is unfortunate enough to come across him. Many of those who travel through the region are well aware that an encounter with the harbinger will undoubtedly end in bloodshed.  

Leader of the Bogmen

The people of Vuonampi first learned of a strange man stalking travellers in the year 257 AU. He was harmless at first, but sightings of him skulking in the shadows and the fog made people wary. Eventually folk learned to ignore the mysterious stranger. That changed, however, when the peculiar wanderer started approaching the travellers.    

Cryptic Words

He would walk up to people, usually when they were travelling alone or in a small group, and whisper eerily into their ears. He’d tell them of dark predictions and morbid scenes of brutality, but in a way that would lead the traveller confused instead of sickened.   When his victim tires of his foreboding tales, he will vanish either into the darkness or behind a shroud of fog. Moments later, the earth will begin to shake from the charge of a hundred bloodthirsty men and all cries of help and mercy will be deafened by their horrendous battlecry.

Savage Brutes

Efforts by both the Aeths of Lointen and the Pijari of Vuonampi have been made to counter this deadly adversary, but to no avail. Secrecy is the key to the harbingers success, and few even know of his actual name. Only one man has ever escaped from the jaws of such fierce savages.   Hrafni of Elska, a Vakner caravan guard, was the first and as of yet, the only man to survive an encounter with the harbinger of death. He described to others what the brutal marauders look like and how they slaughtered the caravan that the guard had been trying to defend.
Year of Birth
236 AU 75 Years old
Current Residence
Guolleana Bogland
Biological Sex
Light brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with terrible acne scarring on the face
1.74 m
68 kg
Bog-walkers of Guolleana
Ethnicity | Jul 26, 2021

The Bog-walkers of Guolleana are a people who have left behind their old Pijari nomadic traditions in exchange for a life as hunter-gatherers in the wetlands of northeastern Vuonampi.


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