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Blackford Spines


The blackford spines are a collection of 45 flat and hollow alien quills inscribed with the notes of one Maddox Blackford during his multi-dimensional, multi-temporal travels across Manidweepa.

Document Structure


There is no particular organizational pattern to blackford's itinerary. Blackford apparently wrote on whichever of his spines were within easy reach. However, given the pattern of references between the spines themselves, it can be proposed that he started:
  1. Patanal of Farmland
  2. Twin Cities of Anatta
  3. Aaragon Tetrarchy
  4. Peripheries of the Dino Zeitgeist
  5. Meridian Tribes of Thalasso
  6. Tunnels under the Moirai Burrows


At various points, Maddox refers to many librarylike sites that hold the cumulative knowledge of a species' experience within an alternate dimension with different physical laws. These have included:
  • Omniversal Mind
  • Court of Eyes
  • Thaumiel
  • Black Opal Palace
  • Cloche Station
  • Lachesis
  • Palace of Memories
  • Peraia
  • Apollyon
Dissociation by Austen Mengler

Publication Status

Scans of the spines, and their writings, are viewable through any of the museums' websites.   Scholars can request physical access to the originals for their research by submitting a proposal to the relevant museum curator(s).

Legal status

The spine collection is divided into three sets which are housed in the different museums of Hieregard, Midregard and Leauregard.

Historical Details


The Eurydice crew was the first group to have entered and lived in Perron Barren before any other human-run entity.   They are best remembered as being the caretakers for Maddox Blackford - a human traveler across the known sectors in Manidweepa who gathered the names and various agendas of species from alternate dimensions.


Because the spines made its dramatic appearance in the aftermath of the Hard Pull, its eventual discovery acted as a guide to future exploration in Manidweepa, insight into its nature and as a referenced source in other advance research.


Due to Maddox's reletivistic journey, he was able to spend centuries at a higher rate of time while it would have been a couple of days or weeks for the rest of his family.
Journal, Personal
The story makes him sound like an angelic figure who handed the tale of his journeys to the first captain he saw.   When really, he was flung from the portal dead and crashed into slime of all things. Which was fortunate: the impact broke his body and made picking up the quills far easier than having to pry the ones that were still attached to his corpse.

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Cover image: Jeepers Creepers 3 - Javelin by Mauricio Ruiz Design


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10 Jan, 2023 05:15

Creepy concept! Really well done!

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10 Jan, 2023 19:12

Thanks so much. Was there any point in the journey that particularly stood out to you?

10 Jan, 2023 19:26

Probably travelling with the pregnant princess. There is just so much that it all seems to blur together for me... but I'm recovering from COVID and having trouble tracking things right now.

Deleyna - Check out my latest work at The Spaceport to see what happens when an alien walks into a bar...
10 Jan, 2023 20:33

That might not be entirely the reader's fault. There's a component of temporal distortion hinted at in the text that changes the chronology of the events that happened. Does knowing that, add or take-away from the experience. Hope you feel better.

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15 Jan, 2023 02:41

I think it does add to the experience. It is a unique read that I enjoyed.

Deleyna - Check out my latest work at The Spaceport to see what happens when an alien walks into a bar...