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Thalássian Ways of Courting

It honestly seems rather fascinating how one's culture can be so bound to the most quirky of things that intervene in the most important of matters. Although I will say, that personally, I find it somewhat adorable that they have to write these whole poems about their beloved ones to impress both them and their family. It's just a really strange thing to do. Verfande professor on the Thalássian ways of courting


Literature of all sort was one of the strongest cultural aspects of the young Thalássian nation, with a large drag for poematic written forms. The ideas of using these textual forms to express affection for someone grew more popular with passing years and eventually became something of an unwritten law.



Besides the usual affectionate behaviour the two individuals share with each other during personal meetings, a very crucial part in the Thalássian courting are letters that they send to each other regularly. These can contain anything they so desire but their purpose is to show off their literary skills and express their emotions in the most pleasing and true way they can. This exchange can end in several different ways:
  • The man explicitly claims devotion to his partner and full willingest for a marriage in his concluding letter and the woman accepts it and states the same (or vice versa
  • Either of them turns down their partner with an apology letter;
  • One of them claims his devotion to the other and they reject it with a sorrowful letter.


The most characteristic feature of a Thalássian marriage ceremony is the moment where the two partners read aloud to themselves a specially written short poem or text, that contains their personal vows and promises to their other half. After both positively respond to their partner's text, the two can officially be proclaimed as a married couple.


These specific ideas of how courtship should be handled are only present in Thalássia with no other nation or general culture following these traditions.

This be then, that in the glimmer of the star glazed sky
I find no rest from the ghastly choir
One that resounds with my deepest cry
For your love which I so desire.
  I remember how surprised I was when I've finished reading, as it clearly was not the letter I was waiting for. Something must have gone wrong in the post and they delivered me the wrong one. But frankly, it was a very interesting look at how these Thalássian things really go about. Though it made me feel like a nosey bum, reading such personal things, I really could not get away from doing so. I know it's wrong, but hey. Curiosity is not the tool of just the good guys. Funnily enough, while I found it interesting, when I read it to a friend of mine he just jokingly exclaimed: How cheesy!
Professor von Loewen talking about a surprising encounter with a Thalássian love letter

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