Set in the World of Adia, Fray is a fast-paced 1 vs. 1 card game where players fight for control over a battlefield. The game is quick to learn, a blend of strategy and hand management, and it all fits in one little box.
More often than not, Fray can be found being played in taverns and pubs all across Adia.
Each copy of Fray comes with:
30 playable cards—featuring the Dwarvish, Duanine, and Bjorn suits.
8 instructional cards—a set for each player.
1 placement card—to establish the 3x3 grid battlefield before the game begins.
One of the most important aspects of Fray is unit placement. Consider not just which unit card you'll play, but also where on the battlefield you’ll place it! You have a limited number of units and if you’re not careful, your opponent may be able to turn your units against you. Luckily, you can do the same to them!
Rounds take on average just 5-10 minutes once you've learned the rules, and the game is easy to both set up and pack away.
The Fire Eternal awoke in nothingness. Displeased by the vast emptiness, he sought to create life and joy. He began with the thought of the great planet on which we live and named it Adia. He shaped and molded the world of Adia with his very hands, structuring it so that all of her people could live in peace and harmony. He split the land from the seas and fashioned towering mountains, dense jungles, sandy deserts, wide rivers, and great flat lands so that all races could freely take joy in the gifts given to each of them. From his heart, he pulled a bright and warm flame. This was the Core, which would bring light to Adia.   The Dwarves, Duanine, and Bjorn were given life and set free to explore and thrive on Adia. The Fire Eternal watched over them and was pleased with his work—but the world was not peaceful for long. Soon one of the Fire Eternal's close friends, feeling as though he was an outcast, betrayed him and took on the name "The Abyss." The war to come would be brutal. Luckily, the soldiers found a way to pass their time between marching and fighting: a game of Fray.  
Fray cover
Fray cover
  Just like the people in Adia, you too can play Fray! Fray can be found here on Kickstarter


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