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The Twilight Grace

The Twilight Grace is a festival celebrated on The Isles of Basilla . It's a dedication to the night sky and the shooting star that have provided inspiration for catfolk of all generations. Guests partaking in the festival dress themselves in dark silks and adorn their bodies with glitter. As the festival draws to a close, guests are given clay pots of colored powder to throw on one another. It's seen as a community art project, one that binds each catfolk together, just as the stars are bound to one another. Every decade when Yoshi returns, guests send their stories and wishes to it so that it may deliver them to those who joined the stars.


Basilla has always found itself graced by the stars, but every decade, they would be visited by Junori's companion. A massive shooting star they call Yoshi. Because of Yoshi, generation after generation have found themselves inspired by the stars. In times of strife, he would return to remind them to turn their eyes to the sky and remember that their loved ones were watching over them. Local artists all over the isles have created works in Yoshi's honor, offering them to a shrine that was eventually built for the comet.   Yoshi is said to be a messenger of sorts, so upon his arrival, it's customary to offer some words of comfort, stories, or wishes that he can take to their loved ones in the Painted World. As time went on, families started getting together on the twilight where they anticipated his arrival. With so many turning their eyes to the night sky, the Kociak family decided to make it an official holiday. While it only took place every decade, it's now an annual tradition. Catfolk wanted to give thanks to their dear Yoshi, celebrating his existence as if he were a major deity.

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Glitter is essential to the festival as it resembles the stars themselves. Holy symbols of Junori are present, as well as paintings of loved ones who have passed on. Sugary treats are left out for Yoshi to fuel his travels to and from the Painted World.
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