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The Phantom Insurrection

The Phantom Insurrection was a startlingly quick revolution that played out over the course of several weeks. The key players during the revolution are Zakina Kociak-Falenmir, Industria Cellini, Elathera Clearwater, and two of the four royal families, the Kociaks and the Gattos. While a revolution was in the works for years, the commoners didn't have the resources to stand up to an oppressive government that often employed brutal mercenaries to act as their guards. The chances of a successful coup were low and so was the morale among the rebels.   It wasn't until Zakina arrived with her friends that those unrealized plans were finally put in motion. Since the beginning of Basillian society, the royal families have maintained their status as a governing power through fear and flaunting their wealth. The corruption that afflicted the royals was the result of Jahangir's influence and with their power, he was able to control society as he saw fit. The affiliation to a fiend was unknown to the public, but would serve as another obstacle in their attempts to build a better future.   Zakina had visited the isles to meet her mother's side of the family and she was ultimately disappointed in what she found. Her and her friends had learned of Jahangir's existence and as such, they began unraveling the deep seated corruption that had plagued the nobility of Basilla for far too long. The rakshasa was dealt with first, his soul bound to a book that would be locked away in Elathera's Paradise. The party disguised themselves as demons and stormed the Kociak estate, killing several guards before assassinating Sunyeros Elda-Kociak shortly after she had given birth to her heiresses, Sonya and Sasha.   The party let themselves be seen as they fled the premises in their disguises, hoping to fuel rumors of the royals do dealings with such corrupted beings. They succeeded, drawing attention from those who hadn't realized the problems that plagued their society. Sunyeros had planned a coronation ceremony for Zakina beforehand, hiring a member of the Gatto family to assassinate her as she was crowned the new queen of the Kociak family. Instead, the coronation played out as normal and after she was urged into hiding, Rywa Gatto hired a whole crew of contract killers to end her life.   To him, his plan had succeeded once they returned with news of her death. In actuality, their freedom was at stake if they didn't do as Industria told them to. They were to lie in order to keep their posts on the Gatto estate and map it out. They delivered the map to the party a few days later. The plan was to frame the Gatto family of attempted murder, kidnapping, and treason. Elathera managed to sneak Zakina into their private dungeon, temporarily wiping her memory for the big reveal. Industria stormed the mansion with Rikius Falenmir, Lucky Kociak, Jordeira Ferus, and several guards, telling Rywa that they knew he had sent the assassins.   When they mentioned that Zakina had gone missing, Rywa immediately insisted that his family had no blame in the current circumstances. He was confident that nothing was amiss and allowed the guards to search his home. When Zakina was found panicking in her cell, Rywa was arrested and imprisoned. While the nobles found it strange how quickly things were changing, they agreed to sentence him to exile. Once he departed for the mainland, Zakina took her family's throne and began forming The Council of Basilla¬†with her husband.   In order to get the remaining royal families to agree to a change in power, they were blackmailed and threatened to a life behind bars for conspiring with a rakshasa. To the public, it appeared to be a diplomatic resolution to the weeks of pure chaos that had erupted on the islands. The remaining members of the Gatto family were responsible for a number of terrorist attacks in order to avenge Rywa and regain their status as a governing power. Under Rikius' guidance, the private mercenary bands that worked for the nobles were dismantled and given a choice. Be a part of change for the better or leave. Those that stayed went on to form the basis of a new national military for Basilla.   The Gattos retreated to their estate and holed up for several days, using magic and archery to battle with the soldiers sent to their front door. They were weakened from previous confrontations with them and were unable to defend themselves when the soldiers breached their mansion. The family members left standing afterwards were arrested and later imprisoned in the Basilla Correctional Facility once it was in a habitable state. These terrorists are awaiting their exile from the islands.

The Conflict


The coup that led to another much less successful coup left Basilla unstable for a brief period of time. Tensions between commoners and nobles were high, nearly leading to a full blown civil war. This led to the quickened task of dismantling all private military groups on the islands until stricter laws were set in place for them. Crime rates jumped for a month after the coup, mostly committed by nobles that were still bitter about their loss of power.


The council provides a stable government for the islands, one with representatives for both commoners and nobles. It's to provide them all with equal voices to lead the nation. The goal is for Zakina Kociak-Falenmir to remain queen for several years or decades until the council is able to survive on their own without infighting. With her departure, Basilla will move into a proper democracy and the people will vote in queens rather than leaving it to the royal families to decide.   The council has also used their new military to flush out terrorists associated with the "feral" movement, which was inspired the The Children of Silence. And so Basilla has become a much safer place to reside with the terrorists and paid thugs behind bars. The sudden change in power has aroused suspicion from both The Stargazers and the Dark Guardians. While the Guardians have kept their distance, the Stargazers have made it known that any slip-ups on the council's part won't go unnoticed.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The royal government was overthrown, leading to the formation of the Council of Basilla.

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